So, Dungeon World is awesome.

So, Dungeon World is awesome.

So, Dungeon World is awesome. Even when you’re not playing DW, it’s still awesome! There’s good inspiration to be taken from it, regardless of what you’re playing.

For example, I’ll be using Jonathan Walton’s Dark Heart of the Dreamer when I play Stars of Without Number, next!

Besides being a good resource on how you can make aliens into people and not just caricatures, its also going to be my go-to for off the cuff exploring in space when I seriously have no clue what’s happening. Characters dive into a drifting hulk? I name some dangers, roll some d6s, and I can now adlib a dungeon crawl.

Any really awesome bits and pieces of DW you’ll be using elsewhere?

3 thoughts on “So, Dungeon World is awesome.”

  1. Moves! I think I will be writing up moves, agendas, principles, and fronts for just about anything I play in the future. Moves help keep the narrative always moving, agendas and principles help define your focus for the type of game you want to run and act as good navigation for when the waters get rough, and fronts are a great way to condense just about any module or adventure down to its essence.

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