27 thoughts on “Does there exist a browser based online hex map making tool?”

  1. With squares you can calculate the exact distance from center to center by sqrt(vertical distance^2 + horizontal distance^2), but no one calculates square roots of non-square numbers in their head.

  2. For me, the definition of “a ration a day” is precise enough. A nice road and I can make 15 to 20 miles walking; heavy mountains or hills and 6 miles might be 3 days travel.

    I don’t we’re on the same page on this. And that’s OK.

    How well would Inkscape work for you? You might need to find or make a map-symbols template, but would it work for you.

  3. Josh Mannon that sounds about right. When hiking with a heavy load (i.e. survival grade), you are better off walking less than 10 km per day. You can push your limits, but it’s fatiguing.

    I talk from experience. Me and my wife traveled 240 km in six days once, with about 20 kg of equipment. We where so utterly destroyed when we set camp that if we sat down for 10 minutes, our legs got so stiff we could barely stretch them.

  4. Yeah that is an overland estimate with avoiding minor features (ponds, patches of woods, etc.) while carrying what you would need in that environment.

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