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  1. Of the starters:

    The Sky Chain and The Shallow Sea have the most evocative settings.

    The Escape has the most pressing initial situation (jail in a walled city surrounded by the living dead).

    The Goblin Hole is the most straight forward dungeon crawl (crawl into a nasty mud hole and kill goblins)

    The Frozen South, Black Oak Ridge, and The Fine Girl are good for Arctic, Sylvan forest, and at sea, respectively.

  2. Ben Wray’s Post reminds me of a couple things.

    I plan on using this for inspiration.


    They have entries archived from 2009-2012. A lot of these have suggestions for what type of monsters will be in there and goals and mechanisms the PCs can collect and trigger.

    And this blog


    Has a new dungeon posted every Monday. There usually is a short description but not much else, so you can populate it as you wish.

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