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  1. Yeah, I prefer qualitative ones. Less “This sword gives plus one to hack and slash!” and more “This sword is unbreakable, and can harm creatures of magic or forms not normally injurable by normal swords” or “When you wield the scepter of the apocalypse dragon to set a natural disaster into motion, roll +cha” or something like that.

  2. I was thinking of something like that, but wasn’t sure how others handled it. I was thinking “Figurines of Wondrous Power: Gives you the Ranger Animal Companion Move for X length of time.”

  3. I would personally handle that by saying that if you have a bear figurine, it summons a bear. No need for fancy moves-granting, just work from the fiction and keep in mind just what a bear is capable of.

  4. Totally would work Tim Kirk.

    I maybe would do it like this:

    Figurine of the Onix Squirrel.

    When you activate the power of the little onix stature a magic squirrel appears. You get 3 hold on it. You can spend the hold to make the squirrel do one of these things:

    – Scout ahead and tell you if there is danger

    – Steal a small item

    – Distract someone

    Same would work for bigger things too. Basically like a Druids Shapeshifting but not done by you.  

  5. Not that giving people moves is a BAD thing! I mean, the mechanics have already been worked out for you, if they’re appropriate, they’re appropriate. And really there’s nothing inherently wrong with going “Yeah, okay, the Robes of the Archmagi give you +3 to cast a spell rolls and twice as many spell levels when you prepare them, boom, what are you going to do with them?”

  6. That reminds me that these Power Stones from DnD could totally work cool in DW. 

    Stone of Power

    Trapped in each SoP is a spell. As long as you hold on to that stone you can allways prepare that spell as if it was a Rote for you. When you decide to forget the spell the Stone of Power crumbles to dust and you loose it forever (or until you ritual it back together) 

  7. I haven’t introduced many items in my game but when I do I try and stay away from mechanics if I can and let them break the rules of the fictional world. 

    Things that can make their adventuring lives easier or more interesting. Custom moves can work as well but again should be interesting and not just provide flat bonuses unless its in very specific situations.

  8. What Joshuha Owen said!

    I start with what this thing is, within the world. I try as much as possible to just keep it there: if I can just describe how this thing works in the world of the players, awesome! Sometimes, though, it needs some mechanical drift to cover the strange thing it does, and then I write a move. That move is almost never “+1 to x” because that’s boring.

    The Map of the Lost Patrol is a great example of this:

    An ancient order of brave rangers once patrolled the land, protecting villages and warning kings and queens of encroaching danger. They’re long gone, now, but their legacy remains. This map, when marked with the blood of a group of people, will always show their location—so long as they remain within the bounds of the map.

    There’s nothing “mechanical” about that, it just describes the way a thing works within Dungeon World, and it’s super valuable for that. Track your friends! Hunt your enemies!

    Also, Adam Koebel and I love to namedrop other games in our items, but consider that optional.

    While a lot of people have noticed our callouts to other games, nobody’s yet told me who Timunn really is…

    Timunn’s Armor

    A stealthy suit of armor, it appears as many things to many people and blends in with appropriate apparel. The wearer always seems the height of fashion to any who gaze upon him.

  9. My favorite one so far is the sword Kestrel – the sword, as explained by my Bard, was wielded by a hero who fought against the ancient Cult of the Dragon. His righteous anger infused the blade, ensuring that anything slain by it became truly dead, and remained so.

    That’s the magic item, and the entirety of its description. So far, it’s only killed a musical instrument (that could not be repaired) … but, consider that they’re up against people using necromancy….

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