Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if there is a Star Trek hack of DW.

I think that the shared worldbuilding would make for excellent adventures in really exotic settings without the huge burden for the gm usually associated with the creation of tons of details for the planets (I am thinking about the tone of the original series, but that would work with probably all series, except Deep Space Nine that lacks the discovery background) .

Any pointers?

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  1. That’s an interesting idea. I’ve just been thinking about what the best system for a Star Trek game would be and I hadn’t considered DW. I wonder if the Dungeon Planet book would have anything relevant in it.

  2. If you really want to hack Star Trek I would start by looking at the free “Where no man has gone before”, it’s already a good simple lite d20 game and wouldn’t be to hard to convert new character sheets for. But it’s also good right out of the box. Maybe just adding some DW style to it would be even easier.


  3. Joshua Cupp eheh, I don’t want to hack, I have way too little time,  I was searching for something already done 😉

    Craig Hatler I don’t think that the defining traits of Star Trek fiction are the same of the Pulp sci-fi that (from the description on the site, I haven’t checked the book yet) seems to be the target fiction of the game. I will wait for reviews (or previews, if available).

  4. Paride Papadia don’t be lazy. It’s d20 most of the hacking is done by DW. It’s a small pdf. Red shirt, Blue shirt, Gold Shirt grab a feat or two from each class now it’s a move. Don’t roll a d20 roll 2d6. Grab the orc now it’s a Klingon. etc.

  5. Paride Papadia 1st my point was that there is not much work that must be done. 2nd you took the time to shake your fist at an idiot on the internet, so your not that busy. 🙂

  6. Craig Hatler I don’t get if you have just flipped trough the pages of read the whole thing. If you gave a deep reading, your opinion on the rules for that end would be very useful. In particular, I would like to know if there is a well developed part on social conflicts, which are for sure not a strong point of pulp sci-fi.

    I am planning to wait and read a couple reviews before deciding to spend time (and money) on something I’m  not actually sure it fits the bill.

    Also, I mainly wanted to suggest this  to an old gaming friend with a love for Star Trek game mastering, but limited time and no previous knowledge of DW, so I would like to point him (or make him a gift of) to something ready to be run.

  7. Joshua Cupp I have some time on a saturday afternoon to write a couple of things on g+.

    You would be better off not giving judgements on people you don’t know shit about. Seriously, that’s rude.

    Thanks for the link anyway.

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