Thursday night is Planarch night!

Thursday night is Planarch night!

Thursday night is Planarch night!

Our intrepid band arrives in the boom Chaos Sea harbor parish of Greatlune.  They jump in with both feet and take on a job helping some penniless Halfling-Cyclops pilgrims who were scammed by the local mob.  Some stuff goes down with a human faceman and some Rat Thing welders.  They recover some jingle and a chaos gemerald from the scammers but then forget about the pilgrims and spend the money on a week at a nice Fortune City inn and some armor repairs for the Paladin.  Fighting Rat Welders is hard on your armor!

Recall that our Wizard and our Bard have switched bodies.  The Bard put some rough necromantic miles on the Wizard’s body and so he is eager to switch back.  The Wizard, however is enjoying her new body and its Black Pudding heritage and is properly wary of the risk of trying to re-switch so she is not so eager.

Then the Paladin lays hands on the Bard to heal an unrelated injury.  His boxcars roll means that Saint Karth’s grace infuses the Bard and all the necromantic miles on the Wizard’s body are rolled back!  The Bard loves Karth!

(The Wizard loathes Karth.  The Paladin always rolls crappy on his rolls to heal the Wizard.)

The Wizard is suddenly interested in returning to her body.  Little does she know that while she is bathing in the basement tubs, the Bard is approached by a friendly Walking Greatrook with spidery mechanical hands.  The carrion bird offers to buy the Wizard’s Magmin heritage for J250, or double store credit if the Bard wants to buy some other fine heritage infusions that the Rook offers.

The Wizard’s player fumes.  The Rook will come back tomorrow with its equipment…

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  1. This is not the regular Weds. night group, this is a new group of mostly unplussed people I met at Story Games Seattle…. Shuo, Adrienne, and their husbands.

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