22 thoughts on “Question: to use rotes or cantrips, you roll the cast a spell move?”

  1. Question 2#: “Prepare new spells of your choice from your spellbook whose total levels don’t exceed your own level+1”.

    It means that a lvl one wizard can prepare just two of her first lvl spells out of the three she knows, right?

    (So, you are not limited by the number of spells you can prepare but by the overall lvl of the spells you want to prepare?)

  2. …also, ho does the cleric get new spells?

    The wiz everytime levels up add a spell to his spellbook, the cleric just have to match the level of the spell and he knows it?

  3. The GM can make ANY move on a 6-, right? It doesn’t have to be a miscast? So, for example, thinking theatrically, on a 6- the cleric COULD activate his light in the darkness, only to reveal the face of a grotesque shadow-dwelling Grue ~standing right next to him~ who screams and attacks.

  4. Great. My issue with the way a lot of games (from any system) are run is that bad rolls make the players feel like bumbling idiots and not heroes. The ability to translate a bad roll into a bad SITUATION (rather than just the hero screwing up) can preserve the hero-ness of the characters but still be a “bad thing.”

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