4 thoughts on “Are there already some Android apps to improve DW game?”

  1. This is great! I came across Fiction Idea Generator which is nice to get idea for new plots. I wish a scenario generator like from old DnD DM books was available or some random dungeon stuff.

  2. DW doesn’t have initiative. You do track HP and XP but you will also have certain temporary variables that arise from specific moves (holds). You might find that a pile of counters works better than a digital tool for these, piling them on your character sheet and returning them to the pile as you spend them.

  3. I use a Iphone app called RanDoo but there are many others out there like it. It allows you to make custom lists and then randomize them. I primarily use it for  Instincts and Character question to help launch those on the fly and first session DW games. It has been awesome helpful when players get stuck and I want to add a little meat I just ask them a random open ended question. 

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