15 thoughts on “Is there a Dungeon World focused podcast or series of live plays?”

  1. Also keep an eye out on the Happy Jacks Actual Play RSS Feed


    There should be a few DW games posting sometime soon-ish, when the regular Crew have to take a break for Fair. Resident AW games enthusiast Hyvemind hosted 3 DW one shots, teaching the game to those had never played it. I was my usual jackass self in one of them. And I have been hooked on DW ever since.

  2. If anyone is looking to create a podcast, please for the love of Pete edit out your “ums.”  Nothing makes a podcast sound like a bunch of bumbling oafs like “um, uh, um.”  

    Yes, I’d be happy to show you how!

  3. I have listened to the Rolling Intentions DW podcast and enjoyed it. I learned something from each session but thought the fourth (the last one) the best as the players get all meta-game and talk about their DW likes and dislikes. 

  4. Bug Man

     Tried to start a chat with you. Maybe your setting don’t allow it or I’m an idiot.

    Sunday might be fine, depends on time and time zone.

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