In the Level Up move, it says that if you have a number of XP equal to your level + 7, you can Level Up.

In the Level Up move, it says that if you have a number of XP equal to your level + 7, you can Level Up.

In the Level Up move, it says that if you have a number of XP equal to your level + 7, you can Level Up. Was the +7 intentional, as in some formula was looking to be achieved, or was there some other motivation involved?

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  1. Some other hackables.  I’ve switched to only giving one XP for botched rolls per session… with an additional if you roll a 2.  And I’m considering the impact of a level draining touch…  steals away experience points like hit points…  

  2. Adam Koebel I flat love the craft an artifact of power move. That sets a whole new dynamic to my games. Tell me what you give of yourself  to your blade to make it do that? Ok awesome, go ahead and roll. I’m dropping it right in.

  3. Matt Capizzi I’d actually probably use it in concert with the Ritual move – the Ritual crafts the object and summons the power that will enchant it, but the caster must then spend his XP and roll to seal the magic in the item.  

    Giving of your soul, your experience, that’s a big deal – I wonder how that character would be different, after.

  4. Or what they will have to do to learn that knowledge. Or on a miss, what kind of creature one could summon that hungers for the soul of an adventurer.

  5. Just one, Adam Koebel ?  What about… 

    When the Arch-Lich touches you with his decrepit hands, Roll + WIS. *On a 10+, your will alone keeps it at bay.  *On a 7-9, it drains you of vital life force and you lose 1XP.  *On a 6-, the Lich revels in your mortal weakness, draining you of 3XP AND you take -1 forward on this roll.  

    (Be gentle, this is my first attempt at an actual move…)

  6. I love wagering mechanisms in games – betting a finite resource against a roll.  Makes things feel super tense.

    I’d probably say that on a miss, depending on the circumstances, you summon some kind of powerful, unbound elemental who embodies the experiences you lost.  So like, all the fear and doubt and bad shit that happened to you to get that XP comes back to fuck you up.

    When you defeat an experience apparition regain any XP it embodied.  Keep it for yourself or split it among your allies, as you like.

  7. When you give of yourself to the Primordial Elements to Forge an Artifact Roll+XP Spent  On a hit, the item is imbued with the elements you called forth give it one ability, with DM agreement. 10+ Your DM doesn’t have to agree to anything. 

    On a miss, something senses your sacrifice and comes for more, something ancient, that hungers for the the souls of adventurers.

    A rough version.

  8. I’d probably write up a list of tags to be added to the weapon, and on a 10+ you get three tags, on a 7-9 you get one and on a miss, you get one and the GM gets one of their choice.

    Really cool magical tags like “flaming” or “life-stealing” or “frostbrand” and scary tags like “possessed” or “cursed” or “demonic influence”.

  9. Matt Capizzi not at all.  If I were creating this move, I’d probably list up a bunch of tags and then say “or create your own” in the move itself.

    When you imbue a prepared item with magical power spend XP and roll + XP spent.  On a 10+ choose two tags to imbue.  On a 7-9 choose one and the GM will choose one.  On a miss, something goes very very wrong.  

    When using this move, you may create your own tags, as needed, or choose from the list:

    – tag

    – tag

    – tag 


    So this way, on a 10+ you get just the item you wanted (or partly, and you have to imbue AGAIN for more tags, if you want) and on a miss, you get that flaming sword, but it also happens to drain your lifeforce to power its flames.  Or you get the frostbrand sword, but it causes you to lapse into a berzerker rage when you use it.  Etc. 

  10. I don’t know!  I mean, it’d be really cool but I don’t think Sage or I have the video equipment necessary to do such a thing.  We could probably live-broadcast the web and audio component of it, if we had a connection.

  11. That’s why Craig Hatler needs a new job.

    Also, I bet you, the conference hall has the equipment for just that thing, assuming that’s something you want to do.

  12. I would actually really love to have a recording we could post on the site, in the Creative Commons section.  To say “not only can you use the text of Dungeon World to do cool stuff, here’s a 60 minute tutorial on how.”

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