I’m making a thing. I’d love to get some input, feedback, and advice.

I’m making a thing. I’d love to get some input, feedback, and advice.

I’m making a thing. I’d love to get some input, feedback, and advice.

I’ve been reading some weird fantasy stuff (and Tenra Bansho Zero, with the Annelidist), and it’s made me want a class for a weird mutant person with parasites or mutations, giving them barbed tentacles and the like. It might work better as a compendium class, but I’ve been writing it up as a full class. I’m calling it “The Aberration,” but I’m not wedded to the name.

The starting moves I’ve cooked up so far are below. Any comments would be very much appreciated! Thanks everyone!


You start with two mutations. For each mutation, choose from each category:

Where (choose one):

– Replacing a limb

– On your face

– Inside your abdomen

– Protruding from your back

– In your skin

Target (choose one):

– Someone  you touch (choose another Function for this mutation, you may only use one function at a time)

– Someone at a distance (close range)

– Someone you can see or who can see you (near range, when you use this mutation, mark off another segment of your Hunger countdown clock)

Function (choose one):

– Burn (Whoever is affected by this is going to continue to be burned and hurt until they take effort to eliminate the burning)

– Entrap (This mutation allows for the construction of webbing or glue-like bonds or other such entrapments)

– Consume (This mutation allows for the consumption of otherwise impossible to consume items, perhaps to store them inside the Aberration, perhaps to hurt them)

– Sense (This mutation provides the Aberration an extra sense, like the ability to look behind them at all times, or the ability to read minds)

– Charm (This mutation allows the Aberration to exude pheromones, or subtly influence minds, to charm people who are intelligent and not actively hostile.)

– Terrify (This mutation allows the Aberration to exude pheromones, influence minds, and present a terrifying visage to frighten others.)

– Poison (This mutation will inject poison, to either sicken, paralyze, or kill a target, depending on how much poison is injected.)

– Move (This mutation allows bizarre forms of movement, or forcing others to move, +forceful.)

– Tear (This mutation rends flesh or other materials it is used against, +messy.)

When you use a mutation, you get its effect, and roll+Con. On a 10+, advance your Hunger clock by 1. On a 7-9, advance your Hunger clock by 1, and choose 1:

– Advance your Hunger clock by another 1

– Your use of your mutation puts you in a dangerous spot

– The effect of your mutation is greater or lesser than you expected (GM’s choice)

If you use a mutation to inflict damage, then you will still have to roll Volley or Hack and Slash, as appropriate, and the damage die for your attack becomes a d8. 


Choose 1 hunger. 


– Consume the flesh of a thinking being

– Consume the mind of a thinking being

– Infect another with offspring

– Consume something disgusting and inedible

– Consume the magic from a place, item, or person of power

– Cocoon yourself for an extended period of time with certain substances that are (choose 2 whenever you would cocoon yourself): Rare; Expensive; Noticeable; Unwieldy and Bulky

You have a hunger clock, with segments from 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-10, 10-11, and 11-12. Once your Hunger Clock reaches 9 o’clock (as in, the segments from 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9 are all filled), then you are Hungry. You take -1 ongoing to your rolls when using a mutation. When your Hunger clock reaches 12 o’clock, then take a -2 ongoing to every action. If you would ever push your Hunger clock beyond 12 o’clock, then your mutations and parasites take full control of your body.

When you indulge your hunger, you can reduce your Hunger clock by two segments. 

Monstrous Knowledge

When you encounter a monster that is totally bizarre, alien, unnatural, or otherwise strange, then you likely can recognize it or understand it better than most, thanks to your own nature. Roll+Int. On a 10+, you may ask 2 questions. On a 7-9, you may ask 1 question. On a miss, you may still ask one question, but the creature recognizes you and may ask 1 question of you, as well. 

– How can I add its strength to myself? 

– How can I negate its strength?

– How can I communicate with it?

– What is its weakness?

– What does it desire? 

Mutagenic Transformation

If you  have time, an empty Hunger clock, and the appropriate tools/supplies (detail), you can adjust your mutations, whether by swapping out parasites and symbiotes, or by causing new mutations while removing old cancers.  You can remove any mutation you currently have and pick a new one, exactly as you would have when choosing the original two.

Oh Good God What Is That Thing

If you use your mutations in public in a populated place (a city, a town, a village), the people will react with fear, horror, and hatred. You will automatically qualify for the Outstanding Warrants move in that place from that point forward.

7 thoughts on “I’m making a thing. I’d love to get some input, feedback, and advice.”

  1. Go pick up Rifts: Wormwood and check out the rules for symbiotes, specifically the Symbiotic Warrior class. It’s not the same as this, but it’ll give you some more crazy ideas. Plus: one of the best weird fantasy supplements ever (despite the rather mediocre rules).

  2. Thanks everyone! I’ve got some things to think about.

    Bruce, thanks very much! That’s great to hear! I was trying to go for spirit over substance right now, so that’s exactly what I wanted!

    Vasiliy, I like that a lot, and I’ll add it to the list. Thanks!

    Jonathan, I found Wormwood, and I’ma digest those parasites to see what nuggets can come out of them for the Aberration. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Sean, by drawbacks I’m assuming you mean the Hungers? If so, cool, I could definitely add more variety there. I’d love to know what you think should be added, too, though, any suggestions you might have there. I repeated the verb “consume” a bunch because I was thinking of it as “satiating a Hunger,” which, first thought, implies eating to me. Doesn’t mean it’s the right way to go, not at all, but I’m having a bit of a hard time slipping out of that “satiate a Hunger = consuming” mindset, so if you have any suggestions, please please please chuck ’em at me!

    Tim, I don’t actually have the Grotesque, but actually I’ve always meant to do an act of social good for it, and I just started up a new AW game which is pushing me off my ass to actually do something for it, so once I do I’ll take a look and shamelessly rip it off for the Aberration. Thanks for pointing me at it!

  3. Yes, I meant the Hungers. The problem I see is that they’re all basically mental problems, which doesn’t leave any space for physical issues. Like, if you get a third arm on your face, that’s going to affect how people look at you. If you have mental drawbacks handled mechanically, then you should do the same for physical. You have nasty bone claws sticking out your fingertips? Maybe that makes fine manipulation hard. Third arm on your face? Guess who can’t Parley anymore.

    I think it would help if you presented the drawbacks as things you either couldn’t do or had to do. Also, you really don’t have as many options as you think you do; consuming the flesh/brain are effectively the same, and consuming something inedible and something magical can be folded together too.

    Just to do a “how I’d do it”:

    Drawbacks – Choose 1.

    – You must consume the flesh, blood, or brains of intelligent beings to live.

    – Anyone who sees your true form is repulsed; you can’t interact with them in a positive way.

    – You must fulfill a daily condition to survive, such as sleeping

    – You project an aura that is noticeable to others, even when you hide your true nature. This can be physical (a stench, an odd noise) or metaphysical (a glow, a sense of unease)

    – You cannot eat normal food anymore, and must consume something unnatural to live such as garbage, magic, or thoughts

    – Your mutation makes certain common tasks tricky (-2 forward when performing that task) or nearly impossible (you must Defy Danger to perform that task.)

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