15 thoughts on “snake eyes and double sixes should trigger fumble / critical moves”

  1. When you roll a natural 12, take +1 forward, and justify it (how does your success give you an advantage?) When you roll a natural 2, take -1 forward, and justify it after hearing what happens as a result of your miss.

  2. Why though? The dice rolls are already split into 3 sections …. why keep splitting them?

    Not saying don’t do this for your personal taste, but having 5 rules for dice seems awkward in a rules light system.

  3. 1. DW is at least in part inspired by OD&D, in which case -“A Natural 20!! Woo-Hoo!! Let me roll on that Crit table!”

    2. Players like special results for rolling well. In the right group these rules will play very well.

  4. Lodestar has an additional mechanic that can push a Hit into a Pass, with the meta-rule that a VBDozen is always a Hit no matter what Weights or Wounds you have.  Likewise, no matter what bonus you’ve got stacked up for your roll, Snake Eyes is always a Miss.

  5. In our one-shot test session of DW, we unconsciously gave critical hits and failures power. There was no mechanical definition, but whenever a 2 or 12 came up, it was reflected in the fiction. Interestingly, no one ever discussed it beforehand or after, it just happened. And it was quite satisfying.

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