11 thoughts on “Has anybody make sheets for npcs,monsters ?”

  1. (width)3″ x (length)5 ” , my preference. ( 😛 ) , in my savage worlds games  i use this size, backside picture of the monster and description below. front side abilities, skills and damages.

    In dungeon world , in these sizes we can put all these above on one face.

    On the left up, the picture , right up tags,damage and hp

    below the description. could be awesome.

  2. Hi Aaron, these look nice. I will begin to use them immediately. meanwhile let me make some suggestions. logo,name ,weapon tag,main attack and special qualities sections can be changed to get more space. logo can come down near to monster record sheet to the right side. Left up now can be used for monster picture. for me main attack and damage die has to share same place. I love to make my own monster tags like fast,clever etc. Instead of adding missing ones like forceful, we can leave this part blank and with less space.

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