Quick update on the GM screen I put together.

Quick update on the GM screen I put together.

Quick update on the GM screen I put together.  I kept the first three pages which are the ones I’ll be using, but added a Weapons and Equipment and Tags page.  I also made a black and white version with no images for easy printing if you prefer. 

I did not add the Instincts, Services, and some other requests due to them being either too many items to fit well on a screen or too damn much typing for my laziness level.  Your choice.


Color with images:


Black and White, no images:


8 thoughts on “Quick update on the GM screen I put together.”

  1. Jordan Raymond – arrrrgh!  Fixed the typo, new link now up in the original post.  Thanks for the catch.

    Craig Hatler I grudgingly went with this one, at the absurd price of $30.  It is very nice, and you can use both sides so I can print the player moves and have that on both their side and mine for example.  Still, it’s essentially cardboard and plastic, so further research might be worthwhile.  I didn’t turn up anything cheaper that would work as well but it’s got to be out there.


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