11 thoughts on “I made a thing. It’s a half-letter-sized sheet for creating and/or recording monsters.”

  1. I’d love to have the elements you used so I can recreate this as an Evernote template (which I would certainly share.) Using the meager included editor leaves much to be desired, but there are ways around that.

  2. (does some quick math in his head) A little less than five by seven and a half. I scaled it for letter so I could print them two at a time, but I imagine that half the sheet could scale onto a 5×7 card.

  3. Alfred Rudzki I could do some hirelings. I usually only make stuff for myself or my players and then share what I have. It just so happens that one of the PCs (with a penchant for talking to spirits) had to take a Last Breath last time and Death offered to let him go if he foreswore speaking to the living, and he’s looking to get a spirit familiar hireling. So look for that in the near future!

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