Frustration. I got my books yesterday (I ordered 4 hardcovers). They’re all beautiful and perfect EXCEPT the one that is signed. The pages of that ONE BOOK are cut improperly and joined together at the top margin in many places. I can separate the pages, of course, but that leaves them a bit ragged. I wouldn’t care if it were one of the UNSIGNED copies, but woe is me… it is not.

11 thoughts on “Frustration.”

  1. In days of old, the books were often sold with the signatures uncut, and it was up to the purchaser to do it himself. An uncut edition of a rare book is a valuable thing. In 50 years, when Sage and Adam are legendary figures on the level of Gygax himself, your signed, uncut hardcover will pay for your elder care.

  2. Listen, I just got my signed last night and I have already used it to crush walnuts, prop up my car for an oil change, stanch blood flow from a head wound (which reminds me, never prop up a car with a book, even an awesome book) and to fight off a pack of rabid coyotes.

    Use the signed book proudly! Preferably to play the game, though.

    And maybe ask for a replacement for the messed up pages if there are a lot of them.

  3. Oh man David Williams, sorry we didn’t catch that when signing it. It’s a manufacturing defect that happens, unfortunately. The incidence is very rare (this is the first we’ve found) but even top flight printers like ours occasionally miss a cut. We’ll take care of it.

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