I made a thing! It sort of started out for the Madness stuff, but moved away.

I made a thing! It sort of started out for the Madness stuff, but moved away.

I made a thing! It sort of started out for the Madness stuff, but moved away.

It’s ridiculously overpowered. I kind of like it that way. 

Any thoughts on how to refine it would be welcome! Thanks!

The Angelbone Blade

Made from the bones of an angel; heated, carved, and molded in the fires of a Hellfurnace; the blade, quenched in the blood of the last god that the angel slew. Inscribed with the ancient runes from the script of the Elder Children, the first beings to live on this earth. It names the blade with the name of the angel from whom it was made, and with the name of the god in whose blood it was bathed, and with a third name, the name of the last person that the Angelbone blade will slay, at the turning of the skies and the burning of the earth. The Elder Children foresaw this last slaying, and foresaw the terrible, but all-important destiny of the blade. To give it birth, they sacrificed themselves, one by one — each rune inscribed in the bone sword requiring one life to give it form. The last of the Elder Children remained to take the blade, to entomb and guard it until it was needed. Of course, it did not remain entombed for long, to the regret of all who have encountered the blade since.

The Angelbone Blade can pour forth its essence into its wielder, imbuing them with a celestial might both incredible and terrible. The more frail and weak the mortal, the more room there is for the Angelbone Blade to pour in its own essence. The greatest wielders of the blade will inevitably become shattered in body and mind, so as to further access the spirit of the blade. Mortals were not made to endure such power, and it will rip them apart quickly, but the strength of the blade is intoxicating. None so far have been willing to give up the blade once they have tasted of its might. 

When you unleash the blade and allow the spirit of the Angelbone Blade to pour into you, roll+debilities (that is, roll plus the number of debilities you currently have). On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1. Spend hold 1 for 1 to gain the following moves, to be used at will while the blade is unleashed and its spirit is within you. You must spend at least 1 hold. 

(Weak) Celestial lightning runs through the blade. For the duration of the blade’s release, treat every damage die you roll as if it had rolled the highest possible number. 

(Shaky) Silvery wings of light burst from your back. You can fly for as long as you keep the blade unleashed. 

(Sick) Golden armor encases your flesh. As long as the blade is unleashed, you have Armor 4, and it cannot be pierced. 

(Stunned) You may weave celestial power into magic. You may create a magical effect as per the Wizard’s Ritual move, where you count as a place of power, and the only conditions available are:

               – First you must ___

               – You’ll need help from ___

               – You and your allies will risk danger from ____

               – You’ll have to disenchant ___ to do it

               – You will anger the angels with your use of power.

               – You will anger the demons with your use of power.

               – You will have to draw upon yourself and take another debility, GM’s choice.

               – You will have to draw upon someone else, and give them a debility, GM’s choice. 

(Confused) Your eyes take on a mirror sheen. You see the world as it truly is, piercing through any illusion or veil. You can even see the unseen and the impossible-to-see, like the flows of magic across the land. You may ask any five questions of the world around you, and gain +1 when acting on the answers, as long as the blade is unleashed. 

(Scarred) You are surrounded by an aura of celestial beauty and presence. You may parlay with anything intelligent, using a voice that transcends language, and using “Your terrifying aura” as leverage. If you do, roll+debilities+CHA.  Treat a result of a 7-9 on the Parlay as if it were a 10+. 

While the Angelbone Blade is unleashed, your debilities do not affect you. 

When the Angelbone Blade is sheathed, you must immediately take the debility noted in parentheses for every move you chose above. If you already have that debility, then you will take another debility, chosen by the GM.

If this would ever cause you to have more than six debilities, then choose one: 

– Your physical form gives out. Roll the Last Breath move, but instead of Death, you’ll be bargaining with the angel in the blade.

– You become possessed. You wake up sometime later, in an unfamiliar place, having done horrible things that you don’t remember. Keep in mind that while you’re possessed, the angel will be wielding its full strength through your body; the damage it can wreak is enormous.

– You become partly celestial. Take some permanent, obvious mark of your affliction (you choose), and take one of the vows from the Paladin’s Quest move, permanently. GM chooses which vow.

If you are playing with any kind of madness moves, then unleashing the blade will always trigger them. Letting the spirit of an angel into your body is not good for your sanity. 

Alternate moves (more like monster moves):

– Strike with celestial might (weak)

– Fly with silvered wings (shaky)

– Deflect with impenetrable golden armor (sick)

– Call upon the knowledge of the heavens (stunned)

– See truly with silvered eyes (confused) 

– Create fear and awe of your being (scarred)

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