Speaking of the Manual of Madness, here’s a draft of the first 5 pages.

Speaking of the Manual of Madness, here’s a draft of the first 5 pages.

Speaking of the Manual of Madness, here’s a draft of the first 5 pages. Page 5 has a rough outline of horror moves based on things posted in related threads so far, but there’s still room for expanding or consolidating it and I haven’t started contacting people yet about using their work (plus all titles are just placeholders). I just received a great horror move from Jerome Larre, for example, and will include as many as (1) we have room for, as long as they (2) aren’t largely redundant of other horror moves. My hope is that all the moves feel relatively distinct in play, and will work with authors to that end.


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  1. Yeah, I’m not opposed to cramming two horror moves on the same page if they’re short. Your updated version might take up a two-page spread, Sean Dunstan, but I expect some will be more straightforward.

  2. Sweet, I’ve got a few more monster ideas in the pipe (I’ve been rolling 1d100 and checking out the appropriate Haeckal print) and I kind of want to flesh out the Sanity Points system a little bit: if nothing else a brief note like “Anything that would heal hit points, such as bardic music, cleric spells, druid’s Balance move, or etc, may at the healer’s discretion heal sanity points instead.”

  3. I really appreciate the dedication and blessing, Jonathan.

    My uncle was schizophrenic for 39 years — I have the faintest memories of camping trips with him when I was four and he was fifteen, before his diagnoses started rolling in.  He died last Labor day because he treated himself with extreme alcohol use, frequently fell down and hit his head and one time he just never got back up.  And his death was a blessing and a tragedy for those of us who survive him all wrapped together in difficult to process ways.

    Even if I base insanity rules on clever (even gimmicky) mechanics, everything related to this in my head is informed by my experiences with his paranoia, delusions, addictions and torment.

  4. Christopher Weeks I’m in a similar boat, having supported someone though the agonizingly slow process of recovery from mental illness for several years. Things are much better now but it was touch and go for a long time, and being in a caretaker role was pretty rough on my own physical and mental health. If this ends up being a commercial product, I was going to propose donating all proceeds to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

  5. Hey, also:

    There’s an entity that grants wishes.  It lives in the well at the crossroads.  Or maybe it is the well at the crossroads we don’t really know…  What we do know; if you go to the crossroads at midnight and make sure that no one can see you, and if you speak your desperate wish aloud, it’s pretty likely to be granted.  When it is, henceforth whenever you roll snake-eyes, the thing turns it’s malignant gaze upon you and changes you, just a little, to it’s liking.  It can affect your spirit, your mind or your body.  Sooner or later, most of the people who travel this path take their own lives as an escape.

  6. They only think it’s an escape. In reality, the creature eats the souls of those who commit suicide, and will eventually appear to make a horrifying bargain with the wisher (who it seems won’t kill herself) for her freedom.

  7. Is there a way to search a community for old posts?  Apparently there have been multiple discussions preceding this that I missed, and now it appears G+ gives me no way to find them.  Huh.

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