Need some models for a giant demon prison tower.

Need some models for a giant demon prison tower.

Need some models for a giant demon prison tower. Unfortunately, the Tower of London isn’t really a tower. The only ones I can think of are Ptolus and the himmel from Engel, but those are actually too big. Help? Should I be looking at lighthouses? Surely there’s something better.

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  1. Great! If possible, I’m really looking for nice side or 3/4 views, rather than a top-down cutaway of floor-by-floor. The interior is going to be described rather than mapped, I think, because my sense is that works better in DW, leaving detailed maps up to individual groups.

  2. How are the demons imprisoned? Or are they mortal prisoners? I was thinking of the High Clerists Tower from Dragonlance. Famously insecure with the giant hallways leading to its center – if the creature in the center of the tower was at mortal risk to the outside environment, the design would be a cool prison.

    Say, for example, a demon lord were stuck in the tower and the tower were set on the side of Mount Celestia, with just a couple doors keeping out the searing light of utmost good…

    Just an idea.

  3. German flak towers:  boxes of concrete hundreds of feet high with feet-thick bombproof walls, situated in urban areas.  Essentially,  aboveground dungeons / bomb shelters.  Super creepy and shocking in their lack of decor.  Cannot be destroyed today because to do so would require destruction of their entire surrounding neighborhood.

    Tons of pictures online of these, here’s a good one:

    Cell phone tower inspires this thought: what if it isn’t walls holding the demon in place, but instead giant hooks of metal?  It can hang suspended within as a warning to the world…

  4. Thanks, folks, I think I’m set now, with all this great stuff to steal from. I hoe you’ll be excited by the results.

    P.S. can’t believe I forgot Code of Unaris.

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