18 thoughts on “I just submitted a “Dungeon World 101” seminar for GenCon.”

  1. I am totally into the idea of there being all seminars / panels / interpretive dance performances regarding Dungeon World.  Well, maybe not a “Why Dungeon World is the End of Gaming Everywhere” except actually I’d probably totally go to that one.

  2. A “Dungeon World is the End of Gaming” seminar where the audience shouts out stuff they want to see made in DW and the panel writes custom moves would be pretty fly.

  3. On my side, I will probably master one of the first (if not the first) DW play in a french convention (in Nantes, 3rd of March). I feel like a pioneer in newlands 🙂

  4. Tim Franzke the reasons vary!

    There’s people who feel like our approach to GMing is talking down to people or useless. They’re usually pretty cool people, and we can have conversations and point out that the fact that the rules are what you already do isn’t always a bad thing.

    There’s people who think we’re financially challenging WotC (or something). I guess I could show them my bank account?

    Then there’s the people who say we’re hippie swine who see DW as (actual quote) “an attempt to salt the earth of all that was by trying to subvert all existing values” I don’t think there’s much we can say to those folks.

  5. This reminds me of how I totally want to run a “5 RPGs that aren’t D&D” panel at a local con. DW will probably be on there, alongside TBZ and other games I slot up.

  6. Tim Franzke: I actually still need to read Dread and Inspectres…

    I’d love to put BW in there, but I worry about the accessibility factor. I sorta want to highlight games to an audience who (presumably) is heavily familiar with D&D and its variants, because (in my perception) so many people lack a knowledge of what else is out there.

    In light of that, I’m mulling over what else to include. Old School Hack might be hecka fun to throw in, just because of the free factor. Fiasco is an excellent point. I totally should go into that.

  7. Good and freely available is a nice gimmick. Free is the punch line. End by splashing a QR code to a page that links to all the games so they can download them at the seminar.

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