10 thoughts on “And it has arrived!!! I must have rolled well this day.”

  1. Yes and it will mingle with the other bookshelf that has all of my Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, FATE related tomes and many other fantastic games after it has had a good read through :).

  2. I got my copy today too.  It looks great!  I had initially wished there was a backer level that included a hardcover that didn’t also have a tshirt, but I’m quite pleased with the look of the shirt as well.  I might wear it today.

  3. Brian Peters we agonized over the whole shirt thing for so long.  We needed enough shirts to make it viable to go with a decent manufacturer (because bad shirts are cheap but really good shirts are pretty expensive) so we had to tie the shirt to another offer.  I know there were a few people who had trouble with this, but in the end, we feel like it was worth it.  

    We wanted shirts that we would be into wearing.  I think we did okay!

  4. As much as I love the book, I do wish I would have went with hardcover and t-shirt option seeing all those greater than awesome t-shirts makes me very jealous :).  But all in all I am grateful for what I have hehe… Love it!

  5. Yeah, I’m definitely happier with the shirt than I thought I would be.  I’m trying to (slowly) move away from really blatantly nerdy shirts and into ones that work on both levels.  I think this one does a pretty good job.

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