27 thoughts on “Has anyone tried to do psionics in DW?”

  1. They called it Soulknife, but yeah. 🙂

    I thought maybe you could have a base psion class and then do the other classes as compendium classes: psychic warrior/soulknife, wilder, and then the psionic prestige classes.

  2. My experience with psionics is a combination of the two, I guess. I have the Complete Psionics Handbook from 2e AD&D, and then the various Psionics Handbooks from 3.x D&D. This magic item I’m converting involves the six disciplines from D&D psionics: Clairsentience, Psychoportation, Metacreativity, Psychokinesis, Psychometabolism, and Telepathy.

  3. If you go on the DW forums, search for “Psion” by a user called Mr. Prim. He’s already made a pretty cool Psion, and in the thread someone did a quick write-up of the Soulknife.

  4. Christopher Grau I’m into Psionics because I like the flavor of it more than D&D magic.  It just fits how I feel preternatural powers should work so much better than the usual divine/arcane Vancian magic.  

       So, Craig Hatler  I’ll be very curious what you finally come up with.  

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