Crossposting from the DW forums….

Crossposting from the DW forums….

Crossposting from the DW forums….

I threw together a screen for myself, and I added a few images from DW- owners please let me know if you would like me to remove those.  The screen is pretty bare bones, and I don’t include all text for all moves as I assume anyone using it will have read the rules beforehand.

Let me know any suggestions, and I’m also happy to provide the InDesign file if you want to play around with it. 

I plan on placing it in something like this (though this one is absurdly expensive):

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  1. I’d suggest emphasising the “or” part when you have a move that has “X or Y” – as it stands, it’s not immediately obvious where the break between options is. Bolding it would probably do the trick.

    (e.g. “Deal damage, avoid attack or add +1d6 damage and exposed to enemy’s attack”)

    e; also, the text on Discern Realities is the H&S text.

  2. whoops!  Thanks Alex, I’ll fix the typos, and add the bold.  Raoni, curious as to what else you’d like in it.  I intend this for in game use, so for example I didn’t include things like monster creation or steading tags.

  3. Brian Moroz  Weapons, gear, equipment and services costs because looking them up takes longer than having them right in front of me, Hireling abilities (though it can be substituted with a hireling sheet given to the player controlling the hireling).

  4. Ok, happy to add a sheet as requested.  That would actually be really useful.   Jeremy, this should print fine… can you let me know what you mean?  When it’s in its final version I’ll publish there for free as well as repost here.  Raoni, I’ll see what I can do, I’ll play around with some layouts.  That would definitely require a 4th panel but should be possible.  

  5. Thanks for all the feedback and requests!  I’ll tinker with it and send out another version with a 4th panel, possibly 5 so you can choose which panels are more useful for you personally.  Sounds like black and white for printing, weapons/gear/equipment/services, instincts/knacks/names.  Let’s see what works.

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