I’ve got the first draft of my Psion class ready for comment, I think.

I’ve got the first draft of my Psion class ready for comment, I think.

I’ve got the first draft of my Psion class ready for comment, I think. Inspirations for this include fantasy and sci-fantasy authors like Andre Norton, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, and Katherine Kurtz, and comic-book psychics back to Claremont/Cockrum X-Men and Levitz/Sherman Legion of Super-Heroes.

What I’m least certain about right now is the damage done by damage-doing moves. I’ve been testing it out and it seems to do okay, but I am sure there are things I’m missing. Be gentle, but be clear, so I can make it better.

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  1. That’s how I took it! But thank you for saying. I figure an abundance of explicit good will is no bad thing. Actually, reading the other makes me happy, because it does some TK and other things better than I’d been able to come up with. I feel like I can kick back and point to it for use either in whole or for particular moves, and focus on what I feel most tuned-in for.

  2. Very nice Class, Bruce! The only thing I was missing was some 1st ed AD&D terminology for that totally old school feel – Id Insinuation, Tower of the Ego, Fortress of Iron Will, etc. Looks very crunchy and a good niche. 🙂

  3. I will read it later to give feedback, but I can already say that regarding other classes like it, it is bound to have things others don’t and lack things others have.

    In my so far little experience with DW classes can have a very small niche, widening it only leaves areas uncovered, meaning you either have a very focused class or a class that doesn’t cover the entire ground with a myriad of abilities.

    Both work, it is more a matter of taste.

  4. Quick first impressions: Generally like it. Was surprised you did INT instead of WIS, but that’s an either-way thing.

    One thing that did concern me was the complete subbing of INT for discern realities. I think that’s way too much. I liked the bit where you can discern through other people, but allowing a total substitution in all cases of the one thing most people use WIS for to the dominant stat just begs for min-maxing with WIS as a dump stat–and I don’t think a psion should have WIS be a dump stat.

  5. Hmm! Thank you, Carl, that’s exactly the kind of critique that really helps me. Honestly, I went back and forth on the stat thing a bunch of times, and the idea that Int and Wis should both be important is one I’m comfortable with. And keeping some normal uses of Wis in place is certainly more elegant than saying “no, you mustn’t make that your low stat”. 🙂

    As a matter of personal taste, I’d alter the stat spread to something like 16, 15, 13, 12, 11, 10, so that there just aren’t dump stats, but that really is a personal taste thing.

  6. Overall I really like it, you focused on the sense and expand yourself unto others trend, which make sit neat, the only thing the class truly lacks though is the classic D&D names for things, but even that I can live without.

    Some of the abilities made me think for a bit, and instead of letting it all go I am sharing those thoughts in order to give you some feedback, not necessarily a problem with them, just somethings that made me think.

    Judgment: I prefer to keep the bonds mechanic, it is the one thing they work with the system, otherwise they are relegated to a xp mechanic without any in-game impact.

    Mindtouch: the option for an additional range seems to be the default way the power works to me, if that is an additional on top of the power, then it might need a little rewording.

    Aura Sense: I dislike the misunderstand part, most of the things in DW is based around truthful answers, perhaps exposing your own emotions or altering the target’s towards one you don’t want would be a better result.

    Mark Within: applying debilities to monsters seem kinda pointless, but the -1 penalty isn’t, I like the idea, but the Gm might just want to get the debility as fiction and the penalty as -1 ongoing.

    Mindpyre: Not sure how competent the class should be on delivering damage, given the amount of things it can do.

    Reconstitution: I like it, a lot, the thing I dislike is that it works right on top of the last breath, perhaps using reconstitution treats a last breath result of 10+ as a 7-9 result to make it assure complications if failed. The +Bond could be for interfere only, and ongoing until you sleep.

    Shared is multiplied: I like it a lot, limiting the holds to until you heal that debility seems more interesting, since it allows you to keep using it, as long as you suffer from it.

  7. Keep in mind that every 6- is XP, and a 1 doesn’t mean you’ll always get a 6, just that 10+ is very rare. So the “dump stat” isn’t crippling, and the game system will reward you for rolling badly, so often players will find it worth the risk.

  8. Additionally two players in my table went ahead and spent their level ups in the lowest stat, dropping the penalty, the other two are enjoying their lower chances and more complications with theirs.

    It is both a chance for xp and interesting results as well.

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