We’re planning a Very Special Rock Out Friday for this week: since it’s the holidays, we’re doing a Rock Out Friday…

We’re planning a Very Special Rock Out Friday for this week: since it’s the holidays, we’re doing a Rock Out Friday…

We’re planning a Very Special Rock Out Friday for this week: since it’s the holidays, we’re doing a Rock Out Friday entirely of holiday music. And, of course, we’d love to feature your stuff (you’ll be credited by name for whatever we post). Are Silver Bells artifacts of a forgotten age? Got an idea for a ranger move called Baby, It’s Cold Outside? Post it here and we’ll feature it on dungeon-world.com this Friday!

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    A few blackened human teeth plucked from the mouth of a powerful lich, the Teeth Of Yetter bear a powerful sympathetic connection to their original owner: they count as a place of power to any wizard whose ritual will affect only Yetter himself. However, the holders of the teeth must beware: the lich Yetter quests for them to the exclusion of all other goals, and while he is unable to pronounce the invocations to his mightiest spells without them, Yetter is not without other mystical resources and allies, and he has been planning his revenge against those who have used his teeth against him for generations.


    Bloodbeak is a particularly vicious owlbear well known to the locals: legend has it that he kills so often his beak is constantly stained bright red with the blood of his victims. Aggressive and highly territorial, even towards fellow owlbears, Bloodbeak has driven almost all other monsters from his range save one: a will-o-wisp that has entered a symbiotic partnership with Bloodbeak, leading lost travelers through the cold and misty northern forests to Bloodbeak’s lair, or in cases where travelers are wise enough not to follow, leading Bloodbeak to them, instead.

    Stats as a normal owlbear and will-o-wisp.

  3. I’m a little worried about what kind of holiday music Ben has been listening to.

    “BLOODBEAK” certainly isn’t the name of any Christmas song I’ve ever heard of…

  4. Krampus

    Solitary, Magical

    16HP  1 Armor (chains,hide,bells)

    Chains of Pain 1d8+2 pierce 2

    Close, Reach

    Special Qualities: Spirit, Sense Guilt in Children, Step through walls

    You know he’s coming.  On the wind you hear the chains clanking and the bells whispering.  That fetid breath rolls in on the dark of night.  The children look at you, but all you have for them is sad eyes.  The mother cries when you take her son away, but everyone knows he is the child that is punished the most.  You chain the boy to the post with a heavy heart. Her husband drags her home. You close your doors, and light candles. The whole family sleeps in the same room, hugging the children.  The candles gutter. You hear the clank of chains and the jingle outside, and breathe slower as if this somehow will keep you hidden. You pray that morning will come, and only the one boy will be taken away, only hoofprints in the snow left behind outside.  You hope that his bag is filled with enough children to make noise to drown out the rumbling in his belly. But deep down you know otherwise. You try to not imagine the tongue slowly licking up the side of your door. You try to imagine that plugging your chimney will actually stop this thing of Nightmare. You don’t sleep because you know that it is hungry, and even the smallest sins can sometimes not pass unnoticed. You hear the scratching at your door, and then there is silence.  

    Instinct: To gather children to feast on. The more rotten, the more delicious.

    * Wrap them in chains of Pain

    * Stuff them in your Sack

    * Taste them with your tongue, and know their sins

  5. Old Leng Sign

    This ancient sigil, depicting a black circle across a flat horizon, may once have been a broach or perhaps a kilt pin. Reduced to a simple etched disc, the king is never without it. It is rumored that, deep in his drink, he let slip that it was an escape of last resort in the event that his enemy’s men ever penetrated the keep.

    When you stare beyond the circle and the horizon and slip through to the plateau beyond, roll+Wis. On a 10+, you appear among those who have passed through before you. On a 7-9, you appear among but years behind them.

  6. Figgy Pudding

    Solitary, Large, Amorphous

    20hp, 0 armor

    Acidic Touch – 1d10+1 messy

    Special Qualities: Gelatinous body, Immune to Fire

    The figgy pudding is far less successful than it’s cousin, the Gelatinous cube.  Pitch black, they are more successful at digesting metal and stone but are also more easily noted – both because of their lack of transparency, and the faint smell of figs (hence the name) that precedes them. Though they mostly live underground, they are known to come with the Long Night in the north, exiting their hidey-holes and advancing on settlements in the last days of the year.  They secrete a brandy-like substance and are flame resistant, flames only causing them to give off the faint smell of caramel.

    Instinct: to engulf

    * Dissolve

    * Smell Delicious and Tempting

  7. The SILENT NIGHT, the most solemn night in all bardic traditions, is the night when the Queen of Balladeers descends to the underworld to sing the merriest souls free of Death’s clutches.

    This infuriates Death, who guards his hoard with draconic intensity.  In revenge he dispatches his agents across the Middle World to kidnap new singers into the underworld.  But because these thralls comprehend neither melody nor rhythm, they will indiscriminantly abduct anyone who dares to make any noise — hungry babies, careless lovers, moaning madmen, foolish peddlers, jesters, town criers, drunken princes — anyone.

    Thieves and assassins who are mindful of the gods mark The Silent Night with a quiet feast.  At these, the merest tinkling of silverware is punished with heavy fines and/or loss of rank.

     (There’s a move here about what to do if you have to make noise during the Silent Night but I don’t know what it is.)

  8. Bows of Holly

    Crafted by the Red King’s personal bowyer as a gift to his triplet daughters, the Three Huntresses, these bows are of the finest make.  Each is marked with runes and paint indicating the daughter for whom the bow was intended – a dark stain for Night, a pale pattern for Day and a strange, pearlescent hue for Dusk.  The Huntresses lost the Bows of Holly during the Long Solstice, when Sir Christoph Crucis and his followers assaulted the Red King’s fortress and banished him to the Vault of History.

    Now, folk remember the Red King only as a caricature of his noble self and his daughters have been forgotten altogether.  The Bows of Holly are scattered to the wind, looted by Crucis’ soldiers and pawned for silver.  If one were to discover one of the bows, however, one would discover a treasure, indeed.  Each bow awakens only during the time to which it was consecrated.  They need no arrows, for being drawn back they summon bolts of pure magical force. Their attacks are especially harmful to incorporeal undead, demons and creatures, ignoring all armor those foes have. Animals are slain by the merest touch of the arrow and are done so without wound or trauma, their spirits simply released to their final rest. 

    Unfortunately, they have no effect against those who carry the civilized gods in their hearts, as the poor sisters learned.  


    A silk hat of a style appropriate for a minor noble, The Old Hat is intelligent magical item which can animate any vaguely-humanoid sized and shaped object it’s placed upon. While “active” it counts as a hireling with loyalty 0, Warrior 2, Protector 2, and Minstrel 1. The intelligence within the hat prefers to go by nicknames based on whatever substance its “body” is composed of, and is generally kind to children, but mildly disrespectful towards authority figures.

  10. All Through the House

    When you spring from your bed to see what’s the matter, roll+Dex. On a 10+, you catch the mice in the act! On a 7-9, not a creature is stirring but all your belongings have been moved.

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