Hi folks

Hi folks

Hi folks,

I’ve made a post on the Barf Forth Apocalyptica forums about how I’m going to make a short and simple DW zine these summer (for Australians) holidays.

I can’t format things nicely here so I won’t repeat it, but in short:

* I’m looking for written submissions of any length, and art submissions

* To be Creative Commons Attribution (EDIT: or Attribution-ShareAlike) licensed

* For DW or WoD

* By the 1st of January (zine to be released on the 21st of January).

Any comments or feedback you have, I’d love to hear.


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  1. I’m in, but I find I write better stuff if it’s an assignment or special request, especially because I’m a bit mentally exhausted from the Planarch Codex. What should I write about?

  2. Hey folks, I put together a submission guide on my blog (https://livinglibre1.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/dungeon-world-zine-submissions-guide/).

    Jeremy Friesen, thanks for the theme! Jonathan Walton, hopefully The Dead of Winter is broad enough for your Ravenloft-esque stuff too. To everyone: you don’t have to write to the theme if you don’t want to. I’ll put the themed stuff in one section and the non-themed stuff in anther.

    Stras Acimovic, Jonathan Walton, Alex Norris, hopefully that provides guidance/ideas for you. If not, please let me know!

    John Ryan, terrific!

  3. Chris Sakkas Just a quick note: your post is missing some information that it might be good to have, like:

    – do people get paid for submissions? (probably: no)

    – do people keep the rights to their submissions? (does it all become CC-BY?)

    – is there a maximum wordcount? (I would highly suggest including one, so people don’t send you their 100-page tome, minimally adapted for DW)

    – does everything that gets submitted get included in the zine or will their be editorial oversight?

    – is there any editing that happens, or will all the material just be included, as-is? if there’s editing, who’s doing it? how long will that likely take?

    – will there be pretty layout or will things mostly be thrown together?

    – what format would you like submissions in? (Word, plain text, etc.) what about accompanying images?

  4. Jonathan Walton Chris Sakkas 

    Regarding the payment for articles, the zine could be sold via RPGNow and there are means of giving out royalties to other authors. It could get interesting and sloppy.

  5. Hey Jonathan Walton, some great questions there. I think quite a few are answered in the forum post that I linked to in the OP: all submissions have to be CC BY or CC BY-SA, there’ll be a bit of editorial oversight on a volunteer basis between 1 January and about 15 January, the layout will probably be a simple LibreOffice job, and pretty much any format for written submissions is okay.

    I’ve put answers to your other questions on the submissions guide and I’ll include them here:

    * Is there a maximum contribution length? Talk to me before you write anything over say 10 pages.

    * Will all submissions be published? I don’t think that I’ll reject any submissions, but I might hold some submissions for a future issue if I get swamped with contributions.

    * What format should images be submitted in? JPG, PNG or SVG are probably best, or ask me if there’s another format that suits you best.

    In terms of payment for articles, Jeremy Friesen and Jonathan Walton, it’s definitely something I’ve thought about and it’s definitely not happening this issue. If the zine is a success I might attempt an issue 2, and perhaps charge for it or ask for donations or something like that, but that’s a long way away and not really on my mind.

    Thanks for your interest and support folks. I’ve already had one submission and I’ll looking forward to more over the next fortnight.

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