15 thoughts on “So who will write the “Book of Erotic Fantasy” Hack (lot’s of custom moves) for Dungeon World?”

  1. More than once I’ve toyed with the idea of some monsters and compendium classes for playing a game set in (or inspired by) the world of Oglaf.

  2. The sex moves are such an intrinsic element of the whole AW ruleset that I think porting them in alone wouldn’t be quite right.  Even creating new ones would be out-of-place.

    Someone would need to do a full DW hack to make a game where relationships and sex are about the people in them.  You can have relationships in DW, obviously, but the mechanisms and tone of the game mean that they’re the comradely type of relationship, rather than the desperate, passionate, often-screwed-up kind that you see in Apocalypse World.

    I mean, you could write a Bond that says ‘Avon is the most beautiful thing in this disgusting world, I will protect him with my life.” but that’s no different, mechanically, than “Avon is awesome!11! and we are best bros for fights!”

  3. I think you just have to stick that character in some sort of fantasy fucking Vietnam with Avon for a few sessions and then you’ll get some desperate, passionate, often-screwed-up dungeon sex!

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