Some thoughts about Session Zero 06.

Some thoughts about Session Zero 06.

Some thoughts about Session Zero 06.

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Session Zero Issue 6 – The Eternal is a 36-pages zine for Dungeon World. USD $2.99.

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> The Eternal – which uses a deck of playing cards to randomize setup – is a mystery adventure akin to the old “Against the Cult of the Reptile God” module. You come to a village, see some strange

stuff, discover why strange stuff is happening, and deal with it.

In true DW fashion, the adventure offers prompts to come up with a shared background and hooks.

I like the idea of using cards to create the adventure. The cards influence the Big Bad, The Eternal, some other players, and the village. That makes the adventure re-usable – in theory. In practice, the idea behind the adventure is the same. So you’ll know the secret behind the strange happenings of the Dwarven village. And that will limit its appeal to play it again.

The author did a fabulous job of using the Countdown Die mechanism from ICRPG [^2] with tailored GM Moves to drive the action and provide clues to the mystery.

Locations and background information offer enough material for several sessions. Obviously, the author put some work into coming up with custom moves, items and stats for The Eternal, and adventure locations.

You can also link it with other adventures from the Session Zero line. (See [^3].)

Layout and typesetting do a good job of not getting in the way. I glimpsed some decent black and white images. Overall, look and feel strike me as functional but nothing to write home.

No digital bookmarks but that’s not necessary with 36 pages.

I’m itching to convert The Eternal to an old-school leaning RPG like The Black Hack. [^4]

I liked SZ06 a lot and it sounds like it will be fun to play.

I encourage you to take a look at Brian Holland’s patreon campaign for the Session Zero zine. [^5]