Hello! 😀 I’m new to DW and not english speaking, so don’t be mad pls. I’m GMing and I made my first campaign fron, and I want to know what do you think about it. 

The game is taking place in small country surrounded by mountains, and players are heading to the capital city to their sanctuary, because there is paladin and priest with the same religon, I made out a front called 

Gor’hal’s awekening

1st danger is it’s cult which is trying to take over control capital city to be ready for when Gor’hal comes on earth. 

doom is tyranny and grim portents are:

-sending bandits to attack tracks and villages to make king sent soldiers out of cities.

-recruit own micro-army

-bribe capital city watch, maybe even use magic on them to make them obedient to cult’s will

-assasination of king

-coup d’état

second danger is Gor’hal himself who’s gonna descend on earth to kill his opponents etc

grim portents are:

-climat changes what shows god’s intervention into the world

-choosing the vessel for Gor’hal to descend

-making potential vessels meet and fight – choosing the winner

– god’s spirit descends on this human beeing take control over his cult and make an apocalypse

What do you think? Is it good enough/bad/does it need some changes? I’ll be glad for everything. 🙂