Gelatinous Cube

Gelatinous Cube

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Gelatinous Cube

I’ve been sick, so this is my fifth #Inktober drawing of a #DungeonWorld monster, or gear, or magical item. Just twenty six to go.

This is a quick take on the gelatinous cube. I have always loved this monster. It’s like a slime mold that only comes into being as, a byproduct cold wet dark places that have magic energies emminating from the magical artifacts and the spells being cast within. I included one in the encounter table that I made to run for my son’s birthday with Ray Otus​ ‘ Kazarak issue of #Plundergrounds. Having never heard of anything like it, it blew their minds.


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#DungeonWorld #Kazarak #Plundergrounds

#DungeonWorld #Kazarak #Plundergrounds

Originally shared by Jim Jones

#DungeonWorld #Kazarak #Plundergrounds

This is the final version of my Escaping Kazarak Encounter Checklist.

In play it worked really well and took the party about an hour and fifteen minutes to blast, rapid fire, through nine of the total eleven encounters due to the luck, or lack thereof, of their dice rolls.

I am glad that I went this route for the cataclysmic final battle between the dwarf titan and the Eyrok demon because the players were more invested in the outcome. This may be due to the fact that they are mostly in their earlier teens and preteen years.

Again, I was going for the idea that the battle between the titan and the demon was raging all over the gigantic underground city of Kazarak, destroying the path that they had used to enter the city. This checklist gave me a chance to switch focus between the battle raging around them and the current encounters that they were stumbling upon as they tried to make their escape.

I am working on a full session report (the outline and my basic notes are finished) and will post it to my website, and link it here, when I complete it.



Hey, Tavern,

I am working on this encounter checklist for an upcoming game where I am running +Ray Otus ‘ #Kazarak from his #Plundergrounds zine.

Just based on the titles, do you think these encounters come up on the right rolls in a 2d6 distribution?


Originally shared by Jim Jones

Filling out the Encounters in the Escaping Kazarak Encounter Checklist

I finished out the list of encounters in my check list and now I am putting in the details, monster stat blocks and custom moves as necessary.

Here’s my current list and the rolls that will evoke them:

2 ▶ Gelatinous Cube Street Cleaner

3 ▶ Cargo Hauler Coaster

4 ▶ Sinkhole!

5 ▶ Rust Monster Stampede

6 ▶ Star Bears to the Rescue

7 ▶ Tidal Wave of Mice

8 ▶ Derro Deserters

9 ▶ Constructs Run Amok

10 ▶ Spectral Funeral Procession

11 ▶ Web of Woe

12 ▶ Waterfall of Treasure

I’m not sure they are in the right place (occur on the right random roll, given a 2d6 distribution). I welcome any suggestions.

I’m working on an escape encounter checklist for the #Kazark issue of Ray Otus’ #Plundergrounds zine.

I’m working on an escape encounter checklist for the #Kazark issue of Ray Otus’ #Plundergrounds zine.

I’m working on an escape encounter checklist for the #Kazark issue of Ray Otus’ #Plundergrounds zine.

Originally shared by Jim Jones

Escaping Kazarak Encounter Checklist

I am going to be running Ray Otus’ #Karazark dungeon starter from issue 2 of his #Plundergrounds #DungeonWorld zine. If you haven’t already seen it or joined his Patreon ( to get a copy you should. Or you can wait for the collected annual that will be available as print on demand sometime early next year.

The Kazarak dungeon starter sets up a really cool final scene, complete with a really evocative custom move, that plays out a climactic battle between a giant dwarven mech construct and an awakened world devouring demon. It’s really cool!

As I am preparing this as a one shot for my son’s birthday, I wanted to spice up their character’s run for safety as the battle between the mech and demon topples the underground city around them. To that aim, I am started working on an Escaping Kazarak Encounter Checklist.

So far, I am thinking about including the following encounters:

# Goblin Raiding Party

# Rust Monster Stampede

# Tidal Wave of Mice

# Constructs Run Amok

I’ll be filling each encounter with descriptions, stats, and custom moves as needed.