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Spiked Armor 

This is armor covered in lots and lots of spikes! 

worn, 2 armor, clumsy, hand, dangerous 

(To repeat what the dangerous tag does: 

It’s easy to get in trouble with it. If you interact with it without proper precautions the GM may freely invoke the consequences of your foolish actions. )

It comes with this move: 

Porcupine Charge!

When you charge into an enemy while wearing Spiked Armor, roll+STR

On a hit you deal your damage

10+  choose 1 

– You knock the thing you tackled down

– You shred their protection with your spikes, reduce their armor by 1 until they can repear it

– The charge stuns or disorients them 

On a 7-9 choose 1: 

– The power of the charge knocks you down too

– The charge will cost you something or expose you to extra danger

– You have to take what you can get, deal -1d6 damage 

On a hit you may choose an extra option from the 7-9 list to choose an extra option from the 10+ list. 

Extra Spiked Armor Moves: 

My armor is my weapon and my weapon is my armor 

When you deal damage with your spiked armor, deal +armor damage. 

Hedgehog Grapple 

When you grapple a foe while wearing spiked armor, roll+CON.

On a hit you have them grabbed and your spikes press into them. Deal a d6 of damage to them. 

On a 7-9 choose 1 

– You have grabbed them in an awkward position, making it easy for them to expose you to their revenge 

– Your grip isn’t good and it will be easy for them to attempt escape you again

– You can’t get them with your spikes, deal no damage

Spike things up 

When you Porcupine Charge, choose 1 additional option from the 10+ list on a hit. 

Still better then Stilts!

You have rigged your spiked armor with enchantements or gadgetry to include extendable spikes. You can Hack and Slash at Reach range but ones you did the extended spikes stay that way and need to be put back in per hand. With the spikes extended the armor gets even more awkward to use and even experienced armor wearers will have problems with it. 

Mantiquore Upgrade

Requires: Still better then Stilts!

You can volley with the spikes of your spiked armor after the upgrade you did. You can unleash a burst of spikes at near range. When you would spend ammo, spend a point of armor instead.