Hey all.

Hey all.

Hey all.

Trying out a magic item that’s going to be central to our game world.

Textless Book

When you read from the textless book, roll + INT.

on a 10+, you glean some useful information about an area of the GM’s choice: take +1 ongoing to any spout lore regarding this area.

on a 7-9, you glean vague images and suggestions about this area, take +1 forward to your next spout lore concerning it, but the sealing magics infused within the book slam the pages together, it will be some time before you can read again.

The idea with this item is that whenever it is read from, an area in the world is consumed by X EVENT, and all knowable things about it are stored within.

I was thinking about writing up an item card for it with a description that would explain eldritch energies escaping whenever it was opened, but I wanted to get you guys’ opinion on the rules write-up.

Thanks in advance!