Hi everybody.

Hi everybody.

Hi everybody. 

It’s time to show you my project, which i’m working on with Saverio Porcari.

Densetsu no Sekai (World of Legends) is a Dungeon World Japan hack (and Fate hack too). It’s a very deep hack, that will put hands in the game engine, and will provides a lot of material to play fantasy adventure in an imaginary feudal Japan with some elements from manga. The inspirations are many: Princess Mononoke, Vagabond, 13 Assassins, Naruto, and the japanese folklore made of Yokai, Hanyo, legendary Katana, Ninja with magical eyes and so on. 

The hack will presents:

– 9 new classes (Samurai, Ninja, Ronin, Onmyoji, Yamabushi, Hokashi, Henge, Emishi, Gaijin)

– Dozens of monsters and spirits form Japanese folklore

– Many magic items

– Compendium Class as the Daimyo, the Jonin, the Hanyo, the Ryoshi, etc.

– New basic moves

– A change of some basic moves

– New fronts rules and new GM’s principles.

Unfortunately, the hack will only be in Italian, at least for now, but a future english version is very probable. 

If you have no problems with Italian language,  Click on #DWGiappone  to see the material posted until now.