Wanted to make a place of power, they don’t get used enough.

Wanted to make a place of power, they don’t get used enough.

Wanted to make a place of power, they don’t get used enough.

Alluring Light

While basking in the colorful light emitted by this tall monolith, your ability to cast spells is increased.

When you cast a spell while in the light take +1 forward to the roll. Mark off a box (each person has their own set of boxes to mark) ◻◻◻◻◻

Each time you mark a box after using the Alluring Lights power, you begin to become fixated on it. You find yourself desiring it’s beauty. The more you use its power, the stronger this urge.

When you mark all the boxes, you must stay in the light of the monolith otherwise you become Weakened and Stunned.


Version 1.2

The light emitted from this monolith is so alluring and addictive, that those who spend too much time around and use its energy become trapped at this place by their addiction. Cults of many differing cultures are found living around this monolith, worshipping it and frequently basking in its light. If you try to talk with any of the folk who live in this area, the subject will always turn back to the monolith.

When you bask in the light of the monolith and cast a spell or ritual, you gain a +1 forward to that roll for each Grim Portent marked. If you fail the roll, mark a grim portent.

Place of power: Alluring Light

Doom: Complete Addiction

Grim Portents:

◻ You have become addicted to the light.

◻ You feel a strong desire to return to the light frequently. Even during time sensitive quests. Defy Danger +WIS each morning.

◻ When you sleep, Defy Danger+WIS. 10+, you dream of the tower but it’s cool.  7-9, you sleep fitfully and wake often, dreaming of the light. Take -1 forward.  On a miss, you get no rest as the light burns behind your eyes; take -1 forward and regain no hit points.  

◻ You are Weakened if you spend more than a day without basking in the Light

◻ You have become dependent on the light so much that you can’t travel far from the monolith. You reside amongst the cultists.