So, I was tinkering with the Fable class, but I couldn’t find out how to make it work.

The concept was that I wanted it to be a “make your own mythic monster” class, but I wanted it to be able to portray fantastic creatures like the Sphinx, Dragons and what not.

It seemed that my idea was to make a class capable of supporting several weak concepts, and this seemed to be its downfall.

I scrapped the idea and I’ve decided to specialize the concept solely onto that of Dragons, because that was something I wanted to be able to use in my coming campaign.

Turns out making racial options (or breeds) for Dragons is actually quite fun!

Macetail – Your tail is a potent melee weapon in its own right! It has the reach and forceful tags.

Serpent – You body is long, slim and incredibly agile. You can fit through openings that any small creature could fit into.

Stoneback – Your scales are much more dense than those other dragons, making yours by far the heaviest breed. You have +1 Armor.