Managing resources

Managing resources

Managing resources

Hi guys,

I have been lurking on this group for a while but never posted anything.

First of all: thanks a lot to all of you! The DW tavern has been a great inspiration and help for my DW games.

Down to my problem:

I have been running a DW campaign for a while. My players recently became patrons/guardians of a small town and I found out that they really enjoy the political/managing aspect of taking care of a small community.

In order to go along with their interests I created small adventures where they got in touch with neighbouring towns and started to rebuild trading routes.

I really like the DW approach to managing steadings but they would like a more in depth system for dealing with different resources (e.g. wood, metal, stone and food).

In order to keep it in line with the DW philosophy, I would like a simple approach that still satisfy their “hunger” for complex resource management.

Do you have any suggestion for this?