Hello guys & gals.

Hello guys & gals.

Hello guys & gals.

Before going further here’s a summary: I need adventure front blanks.

So let’s proceed:

I’m new to DW (though I learned and it well enough) and as the GM of my gaming group, I’ll introduce them to this great game.

I know how to design my encounters and campaigns yet I need blank front sheets in order to keep them in my archive in an orderly fashion.

We were using Dungeonslayers ruleset and I ran a 70+ hrs of campaign before this upcoming one. Blank front sheets will also be useful at importing my former campaign to DW style adventure.

Like any quest, this one also has its rewards: If I get a good front blank (prefarably an editable digital document), I’ll upload my adventures here.

So, is / are there any brave DW dweller who could provide me with aforementioned material?

No matter the outcome, thank you all for being a part of such a lively community and keeping alive this great game.

Keep rollin’.