The Urban Druid

 Nature is never static – it continually evolves, absorbing and making use of everything it is exposed to. Often major changes in the environment injure the natural order, causing nature to shrink back. Always it returns though, making what once hurt it a tool in the continual march forward to create life.

For thousands of years the great cities were the bane of druids – havens of sickness, disease, and devoid of life. Now things have changed, the natural order has taken hold, found niches, and made the great cities a tool of life.

When you spend significant time studying the natural ecosystem of a large urban environment you may take this move when you next level up:

One with the Streets

Requires: Thing-Talker

You become attuned to The Urban Filth and are considered born of the soil in both The Urban Filth and your original land.

Once you’ve taken One with the Streets, the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose form this list when you level up:

These are just concept place holders and need to be fleshed out.

From the Shadows

When you step into a shadow of an alley and no one can see you,, roll+WIS

On a hit you emerge in another unnoticed shadow in the city. 

On a 10+ it will be exactly where you want to be without someone seeing you

On a 7-9 choose 1 

– Someone sees you leaving the shadow

– It’s not where you want to be but close

One with Crowds

When you walk through a crowd, touching shoulders with them and feeling the pulse of the mass, roll+CHA

On a 10 + the GM will tell you a rumor directly useful to you

On a 7-9 the GM will tell you an interesting rumor. 

Take to the Roofs


Monster Setting: Urban Filth

I’m just going to list a few monsters that I think fit with the urban environment, not necessarily things that would be appropriate to shapeshift into.

Trash Dragon (http://codex.dungeon-world.com/monster/121002)

The Thing in the Well (http://codex.dungeon-world.com/monster/82058)

Mutated Vermin (http://codex.dungeon-world.com/monster/413001)

Snipe (http://codex.dungeon-world.com/monster/361001)

Tectonic Entity (http://i.imgur.com/g6Smr.png)