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The Leap Home

When you intentionally travel to another dimension through a rift in space-time, roll+CON. On a 10+ you safely make it through to the other side. On a 7-9 you make it through, but choose one. On a 6- you barely make it, choose two and the GM chooses one.

•  Travelling was bad, but your landing was worse. You take 1d6 damage.

•  One of your items (and some of your dignity) is forever lost in the endless void between worlds.

•  You’re badly shaken by the experience, take -1 ongoing until you next make camp.

•  Someone – or something – from the infinite number of worlds beyond follows you out of the rift.

•  The unpredictable magicks of the rift have changed you in some way.

•  The rift spits you out right in the middle of a particularly unusual situation.