VirtuaCon 2015 is around the corner and we some DW games on the schedule!

VirtuaCon 2015 is around the corner and we some DW games on the schedule!

VirtuaCon 2015 is around the corner and we some DW games on the schedule! So, if you looking for something to on the weekend of 23-25 Oct, come check us out!

Originally shared by Joseph F. Russo

Something terrible has befallen the young King of Carronis, and has

cast the entire kingdom into disarray. Now, you and your party have

been tasked with finding and eliminating a strange shadowy-figure out

in the wilderness. A storm is devestating your land, and your guide has

died suddenly. There are at least a dozen orcs surrounding you, and

your only advantage – the Tome of Maliece, is not to be trusted.

Welcome to Adventures in Jimmya. The world is yours.

Dungeon World works to eliminate unnecessary die-rolls and encourages

active player participation through use of the game’s guiding

principles (including “Draw Maps, Leave Blanks”, and “Ask Questions,

use the answers”). It is a very approachable game to those new to

role-playing, and those experienced players looking for a little looser

structure. Generally speaking, it’s very workable for one-shot

adventures, and allows players to be genuinely awesome immediately.

For my adventures (The Adventures in Jimmya), I ask players to consider

a series of questions we will answer together at the table. This will

happen during the first 30 minutes, and will happen in conjunction with

character generation. After that, we will move through an approximately

3 hours of play with a final 30 minutes for an epilogue discussion).

Here are the questions to consider:

1) What terrible fate befell the young King of Carronis?

2) Who is the shadowy man in black? What makes him so dangerous?

3) What is the name of the Orc Warband leader, and why is he your best hope of survival?

4) What good is the Tome of Maliece, and what curse does it carry? Also, who’s holding it?

See you at the table!






VirtuaCon is putting out the call for GMs & Players. VirtuaCon is a free online RPG convention that brings amazing GMs and players together like no other! We want everyone to be part of the “Best 3 Days in Virtual Gaming”! The cadre of volunteers is working hard to make this year’s event better than last year. We’re for the community, by the community! If you enjoy running games online through Google Hangouts and want to be more active in the online gaming community, please think about running a game(s) at VirtuaCon next month. If you’d rather just play, come on over and see what we’re about! Please feel free to ask questions.



23-25 Oct 2015

Online through G+




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I am putting out the call for Dungeon World GMs that live in the Southeast. I am assisting the RPG Director, Shane Runkle, of Storm-Con (more info below) and we are looking for a strong Dungeon World presence this year. If you are within travel distance of Charleston, SC and are interested in being a part of our GM cadre we want to hear from you! Please feel free to ask questions.


26-28 June 2015

Charleston Plaza Hotel

N. Charleston, SC


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Today, Virtuacon starts!

Today, Virtuacon starts!

Today, Virtuacon starts! Self-dubbed the “Best 3 Days in Virtual Gaming” (as a riff off the Gencon line) and something I’m very proud to be part of. The entire event is volunteer driven and free for anyone to attend. Our focus is on easy, fun games with lots of “real” convention touches – contests, prizes, speaking panels and a virtual hangout tavern to kick back and enjoy our hobby with cool people.  It’s the convention you attend from the comfort of your own home – with modest computing tools that you likely already have built in (webcam and microphone is all that’s needed). We use Google Hangouts to run the events – and you would be surprised at how clean experience is – this is as close to sitting at the table with your friends as you can get without having to actually travel to a convention!

We have a slate of highly experienced GMs offering 60 Role-Playing games this weekend. These games cover many fine systems and genres and these GMs have worked hard to make this a smooth experience for their players. Most require no experience to play – just a healthy imagination. But what it does require is participation! As with everything Virtuacon, it takes coordination at all levels to make this happen. Right now, we’ve still got an assortment of seats available for these games – and I can think of nothing more disappointing than a GM who has offered their time to run a great game and not have players show up! Would-be players always seem to lament the lack of good games to jump into – but here we’ve got them lined up for you with bells on! Please consider taking a seat – but more importantly, please share this post with your circles to try and spread the word. Virtuacon starts today (Friday, 10 October) and runs all weekend long. To see a current list of all available seats still remaining:

And, as always, our full lineup of games and Speaking Panels (4 pages worth!!) can be found here:

From our lead organizer – Dave B

VIRTUACON: 10-12 Oct 2014

VIRTUACON: 10-12 Oct 2014

VIRTUACON: 10-12 Oct 2014

October 10th marks the beginning of the best 3 days in virtual gaming. The event has 60 scheduled games, 18 panels and much more. The best part is you don’t even have to leave your house to attend and enjoy all it has to offer! VirtuaCon utilizes G+ Hangouts and Roll20 (when VTT is needed) to facilitate all of the games and panels. Last year was blast this year will be even better!

We highly encourage pickup gaming as well! 

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