HI all

HI all

HI all,

New to this community.  I got a lot of questions.  

TL/DR… I want to create a hack of DW… and maybe publish it.  But I’m not 100% sure I want to use DW/ AW as the base system.

OK.  Description.  The game is based on D&D world gone into the Magic Revolution.  That’s like the industrial revolution, only with magic.  And no… it’s not Eberon.  Themes include: futureshock, ethnic cleansing, fascism, communism, slavery, terrorism (with players maybe becoming terrorists), and body-switching.  

Mechanically, the game would have these features:

Lore Sheets (idea taken from Legends of the Wulin… it’s a little like Aspects in Fate)

Tactical Narrative (just suggestions on how to make fighting narrative more realistic, plus more weapons tags)

Character generation based on background.

somewhat different attribute and stat formulas.

It will be mostly compatable with DW, but DW characters would need a little bit of translation.

 Now… here is the thing.  I feel I can play this game using the basic DW / AW mechanics.  I think it works out cool.  But there is a big difference between my game and AW. My game is based on a settings document I’m creating, It has several very large, over-arching Fronts, designed to facilitate a long campaign if the players want this.  Basically… it’s still  “draw a map, leave blanks”, but those blanks are fewer than (I perceive) DW players believe there should be.  And I’m introducing a new mechanic (Lore Sheets) as a method for players to gain narrative control with the GM’s consent.  I read on reddit r/dungeonworld and r/RPG, where it seems DW players all play in sandbox / make the campaign on the spot mode.  

So the question is… is the *world system fundamentally opposed to creating a longish, full-featured campaign setting game?