1. Will the Ritual Wizard move allow them to create permanent magic items? Or should that have something to do with the Enchanter or Enchanters Soul advanced abilities?

2. Does the Druids Studied Essence require him to have seen the creature or observe the creature or is he using player knowledge for this? Or again, is this left up the DM or player?

3. Can the Bless spell be cast on self? I’m assuming yes, but if so, would that the -1 to cast spells would be effectively negated by the +1 Ongoing to everything since the Ongoing bonus is non-specific?

4. Why are Leather armor & Chainmail exactly the same except one is metal the other leather? Shouldn’t chain weigh more or be clumsier or something? If not, is it just aesthetics and for circumstantial effects(ie. metal being a conductor and leather being flammable)?