Anyone have a custom move for vehicle racing that they like?

Anyone have a custom move for vehicle racing that they like?

Anyone have a custom move for vehicle racing that they like?

I want to run a one-shot adventure about an airship race in Inverse World with island hopping, cloud sea obstacles, creature dangers, sabotage, and rival airships to beat.

I’m sure I could just use the vehicle rules and basic rules as written, though I thought it might be fun to have a custom move that helps narrate the polling and complications of an exciting race, maybe a visual timeline/sequence tracker also. Since it’s a one-shot I’m hoping a custom move would help trigger boons, obstacles/dangers, and delays along the course, perhaps with a hold mechanic to help signify that the finish line is approaching. Regardless of where the party is in the polling when the race is finishing, a final encounter could be had to determine the race. A race is exciting in the back and forth and the bold moves needed to get ahead and stay ahead. Crashing out is always a risk, though hopefully a custom move could help a party that crashes midway to still make a play for victory.

Anyway, I’m part way to a custom move already in my head, but thought I’d poll the tavern to ask if anyone has a DW custom racing move they could share.


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I was listening to the Fear of a Black Dragon episode for DCC’s #67 Sailors on the Starless Sea and planned on running it as a Funnel World one-shot this week. Then I thought, I wonder if I could skin SSS with Ray Otus’ Sinister Solstice? Some hours later, I made an adventure starter for this hybrid idea.

Some assumptions and changes I made to the original sources:

– This adventure starter assumes the GM is familiar with DCC Sailors on the Starless Sea funnel adventure, YMMV.

– I jump start the villagers to be already sneaking into Kringle’s Keep via a collapsed wall, rather than give them the option of how to enter the keep. This is a time saving measure.

– The beastmen have been re-skinned as ice elves, slaving away under the direction of the Clockwork Knight (replacing the Champion ambush).

– I kept the Well of Souls and gave it a custom move since it seemed to fit for both sources.

– The Tar Ooze almost became a Christmas Pudding, but since this is for a one-shot I decided not to include this side room to help w/ pacing.

– The goodies normally found in the Courtyard and Chapel should be left out in the Courtyard as part of many long tables where ice elves are making things.

– However the villagers make it past the Clockwork Knight, once underground they find a Hall of Wreaths, where the pool of water w/ floating skulls is replaced with a trough of iridescent coals, which will function the same as the skulls did.

– The golden censor w/ incense can be found in the Hall of Wreaths also, to help keep things more obvious for pacing to the end of the story.

– The Dragon Ship is skinned as a mystical wooden sleigh, and the Leviathan lives in an eerily creaking icy sea.

– The island becomes a Temple of Krampus, with Lord Kringle (an ice elf shaman) performing the ritual sacrifice of the villagers. Villagers should be pushed off a ledge into an icy water pit to be drowned one by one.

– If Lord Kringle throws the effigy into the water then the Krampus appears to torture, tease, and drown everyone.

I will run this on Thursday, so any comments/suggestions for a one-shot run of this are welcome.