OK. I’m a furry at heart.  I love RPGs like Ironclaw and World Tree, but unfortunately there are far too few anthromoph RPGs out there.  There are some that feel half done and others that are a good start but there are no plans to go further.  So, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of ways to hack Dungeon World into an anthro RPG.  

Not really going that well.  So, first off, forgive me if I seem to ramble while I ask for opinions.  I tend to brainstorm a lot, but then I can’t seem to sort things out.  Second, I’m open to any help, opinions or ideas you might throw my way.  I’ve had a little experience with working with the basic game system, but have never attempted to convert anything before.

One of the draws of many anthro games is the fact that they are not restrictive with race/class combos.  The biggest downfall of trying to convert this into an anthro game is the sheer number of races in the game.  I thought about a number of ways to get around this.

1.  When presenting the classes, leave the racial aspect open.  Have a separate list of species and what they contribute as a species move.  The player can write in whatever species they wish, rather than be restricted to a list of three or four only.

2. Instead of using specific species, use families instead (Ursine instead of black, brown, and panda bears, Canine instead of Wolf and dog, etc).  It would reduce the number of possible combinations a good bit, with the specific species being player choice only.

3. Instead of using classes with species or family choices, Create Family sheets with species and class choices.  Maybe three species and three possible classes to choose from.  Not really the best way to go, as you could end up with multiple wizards… 

Any suggestions from those who have done modifications like this?