Finally finished writing up what happened, to the best of my memory.

Finally finished writing up what happened, to the best of my memory.

Finally finished writing up what happened, to the best of my memory. Note to self, really write down things much more thoroughly!

I had no idea that this was where the adventure was going, but I’m glad I rolled with it.

Originally shared by Brian Vo

Session 1:

GM: Brian Vo

Players & Characters:

Orion Cooper  – Vladislac, the Paladin, armed with sword and shield

Island Vixen  – Ina, the Brute (A “Were-orca”), wears a hardbitten loincloth and wields a huge club.

Eric Tolle  – Morgan, the Wizard, dressed in a hoodie (robe)

It was a crisp day in the city of Goldenfield, Garrison City of Industry, where the fish lines the pockets and perfumes the air in the docks district. City of fantasy hipsters and metrojacks, except these metrojacks actually cut wood. But with more wax in their whiskers than lumberjacks. It is a city of both plaid and chain mail. It is here in Goldenfield that we find our staunch adventurers.

Vladislac, an impoverished yet huge and red bearded paladin with saintly purpose, is recently arrived into town meets with Ina, a hulking wereorca (note: basically a huge orca person) who has found a new home in the docks. Their meeting is warm, as familiar friends from the far north, as well as allies to return and solve the mystery of his missing village. Morgan, the hoodie wearing bookish wizard who has come across Vladislac and helped fend off Vladislac’s starvation with day old pastries, joins them out of a strange sense of camaraderie as well as a desire for lucre. It was on this day that they collaboratively decided to make their way North to solve that mystery, for lack of better options.

It was determined that the best course was to head to Castonshire to find passage from that point, on account of there being more direct trips, because of the shipping lanes.

They meet Captain Randolph, of the Ship “Ennet Bend.” While initially reluctant to take them North due to a lack of payment, Vladislac’s holy conviction fills him with a surprising amount of goodwill and latent purpose, so long as the party is fine with waiting for their last shipment to arrive from the Jeweller’s District of Goldenfield. 

While passing the time, Morgan summoned a spirit to see what troubles would assail them on their trip, and met a heavy handedly piratey pirate ghost who told them to expect pirates. Oh, and there was a ghost parrot too. There was much bent elbow gesticulation.

The party agrees, but when the hour grows late, Captain Randolph grew more agitated, until the party decided that something needed to be done, and they volunteered to track it down. 

A few missteps at the Jeweller’s shop to realize that it was Gerda’s Blue Wagon company that was supposed to deliver it, and some bartering with some street urchins (comprised of Grell, Laney, and Kworx), to track down the shipment. After quickly, and terrifyingly, dealing with the thieves, the party spent way longer than necessary tracking down the box on account of trying to figure out how stairs and doors work, but they eventually got it back to the ship, and collected some rewards from the town guard along the way.

Ina “helped” the Captain “move” the crate, and Captain Randolph resolved to never ask help from Ina ever again. Once Vladisclac and Morgan arrived, after settling up some accounts, the ship moved out of the dock to catch a favorable wind on the next morning.

On the trip north, Morgan enacted a ritual to protect them from arrows, but fortunately, through great intimidation, Ina “convinced” the pirates to leave the ship alone… and they left, with great muttering. Morgan may have felt put off to put all that effort into a ritual.

Eventually, the ship pulled into Castonshire’s harbor, where they were greeted by the sight of many townsfolk on the dock, beating themselves upon their bodies, as though they were being attacked by invisible knives and swords.

Upon closer inspection… MONSTER MOSQUITOES. Morgan devised a smokescreen, clearing the dock with [shark fat and lanterns?], and after much grumbling, he took the townsfolk to their homes, before heading the town leader’s house, where they met up with an adventuring band led by a sneering Regis, along with his right sword, Ferris, Locksley man of faith, and Schlarby the Recondite. This group was reluctant to take on help and wanted all of the treasure and glory.

While Ina and Vladislac seemed content to let the other party take all the booty and reward, Morgan, ever practical managed to ensure some share of the treasure would be going their way.

Adventurers set off upon towards the West. 

Morgan was able to detect an ambush, and in spite of Vladislac leading everyone down a wrong path, they leveraged this roundabout way to good use, laying an assault upon an unsuspecting group of brigands, armed with crossbows, staves, and swords.

While there were a few missteps and overzealous jumps by into the fray, Ina smashed through plenty, Vladislac smashed through plenty of fools, and Morgan fried faces off with his fingerguns of magic missile. With great numbers dead or dying or missing (via air travel over the cliff’s edge) the remaining two brigands quickly surrendered.

Unfortunately however, Morgan’s fingerguns of magic missile were so explosive a yeti woke up and strolled on over to say hi and play catch with them. With boulders.

Morgan blasted away, while Ina Charged, Vladislac covering both her and Morgan with his mighty shield. With several smashes of clubs, sword cuts, and well aimed magic missiles, the yeti finally tumbled into the earth.

Wiping their blades and licking their few wounds, the party took a breather.

Going to be running my second (or third, depending on if that one super quick 45 minute session counted while…

Going to be running my second (or third, depending on if that one super quick 45 minute session counted while…

Going to be running my second (or third, depending on if that one super quick 45 minute session counted while camping) DW session!

Super excited, wish me luck, feel free to foist advice or random encouragement!