First of all – THANK YOU, guys, for backing and making this FUN TRPG!

First of all – THANK YOU, guys, for backing and making this FUN TRPG!

First of all – THANK YOU, guys, for backing and making this FUN TRPG! I was searching for the whole 2012 for The Game, both to introduce new people to RPGs and to have no headache about GMing and preps. I live in Russia, and there’s a really small community of actual players and GMs, so I decided that it’ll be much easier to “convert” my real mates into a dungeon crawlin’ squad:)

So, I missed your Kickstarter but I’ve bought a PDF and was actually shocked, cause you’ve nailed it! I’ve been playing different stuff since 97 maybe, and every year since then fantasy games became more and more hardcore and tactics/builds/balance oriented, and lot of good PC games and new consoles added some casual feel to gaming itself, in any form, so hardcore went deeper underground. After all, MMORPG took all my friends interested in tabletop playing and there were no FUN things on a tabletop market. Easy and fun. And finally – a solution! Fast and really clear system, comfortable level of maths and rules and many features to choose from, free flow of both narrative and crunch, and the most important – the feel reminds me of my favorite campaigns in the past:) So THANK YOU one more time. It was a really big quest to find your game.

Though, I have a couple of questions/ideas:

1. How can any DW progress beyond +3/-3 modifiers with 2d6 roll? Cause -3 it’s ok, but with +4 you’ve never get fail, so… I have an idea, but I’m not sure that it’ll suite quite well. And if there is any reason to do that at all?

2. I really appreciate the fact, that we can freely add moves and classes and so on, but I hope that this book is just the beginning of your game development, right? Are you going to release any supplements in Q1/2013?

3. Defy Danger is an absolutely beautiful solution for any kind of… em.. dangers:) But as I understood, all the character’s interactions within the game world in a “positive way” are provided through their class moves or special moves. In theory, for making some potions/weapons etc. or dealing with anyone or other stuff like “not-killing-not-evading” there are lots of specialized moves. What if simplify some of them to Try It or Overcome and make it also depending on  basic attributes? Roll + str for all the bullying/breaking stuff, roll + dex for all the cunning/speedy stuff and so on. Cause sometimes there is no fighter in the party, but there are some situations when you need to bend some bars. Literally 😀 And it could help newbies to start improvising… 

Sorry for such a big post, but I’m just too excited about DW and that’s it:)