16 thoughts on “Has anyone backed up the full Tavern feed yet?”

  1. I’m working on it. I’ve got what appears to be a full backup from G+ Exporter. Need to carve time out to get the WordPress site set up with the archive.

    Will post when it’s done.

  2. If anyone out there is a wiz with WordPress, particularly with the various available importers that are out there, let me know.

    Right now, I’m running into the problem that every post in the community needs to be manually mapped to it’s author, even though I’ve pre-imported a WP user for each author in the import. Like, the WP user names are exact matches, so I don’t know why it doesn’t just auto-associate them. Grr.

    Given that 1/3 of the DW Tavern posts involve ~1300 authors… I do not relish doing this manually.

  3. Also, I’ve largely reconciled myself to the fact that a lot of stuff is just… not going to make sense. Any G+ post that was shared to the community won’t have any real content, nor will it have useful link to the original, because the original is gone. I might be able to make images post, I’m not counting on it. Polls are probably lost, too, which makes me particularly sad.

  4. Progress! Nothing public yet, but progress!

    I’m (pretty) reliably able to:

    1) Take the G+ Blogger XML data dumps and use it to pre-load “collaborators” into the WP site

    2) Run the standard WP importer to create posts, with tags, categories, and contents, assigning posts to the authors

    3) Run a more specialized importer tool to overwrite the post authors with their actual authors

    4) Installed a more advanced search index that works pretty well

    It appears to be pulling down images in the “main” post, but no idea how it will handle images embedded in comments (not sure the WP format even supports that concept).

    Also tricky… comments from users are linking to their G+ pages, not their WP “author” pages. Will have to look into transforming that somehow.

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