Hey I’ve created a custom class based on a “Fallen Paladin” type character.

Hey I’ve created a custom class based on a “Fallen Paladin” type character.

Hey I’ve created a custom class based on a “Fallen Paladin” type character. I’ve already shared it on Reddit, and implemented some feedback from there. Now I’m asking the smartest Dungeon World community 😉

What do you guys and gals think? Any suggestions for major changes, move name changes, switching moves between 1-5 and 6-10, etc? I’m open to anything 🙂

Version 0.5: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gg9XA-XNcKi_XIG6CDjKtNDLNg9tfC-p/view?usp=sharing

Edit: alright, a LOT has changed since I first posted here, and a lot has changed since version 4, thanks to valuable feedback from Jeremy Strandberg on Discord and an IRL friend. The only thing I don’t like in this version, is that the “racials” feel a bit weak now, but I can live with that, this is a pretty complex class anyway.

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  1. Two crits:

    1. this playbook would benefit from gaining monstrous abilities somehow, whether it be through transformation or limited versions of spell-like moves.

    2. For the hunger portion, rather than reducing stats, use conditions and have Last Breath trigger when you have marked all conditions.

  2. Justin Ford Hey I can’t find the “second adventure” you are refering to, you seem to not have copied your link correctly 🙂

    1. In addition to the Twisted Moves found on page 2? Do you have any specific suggestions? I’m trying to replace the INT based Twisted Move with somethign that’s more like “charm person” or something that plays to vampire like intelligence.

    2. I don’t quite understand what you mean by conditions, can you elaborate?

    Guy Blavin Yep! 🙂 Here you go:

    docs.google.com – Dungeon World Playbook Template.docx

  3. Conditions are the status effects you mark off, next to the stats. Weak, shaky, sick, etc. Mechanically they do what you seem to be intending with the temporary loss of stats

  4. As for shape shifting: I feel Familiar Form is kind of a less interesting version of the druids ability, a move that is bloated and controversial already. I think something that allows for a permanent change or alternate form that you don’t have to roll for might be more interesting?

  5. Justin Ford Ah debilities, yeah I thought about that, there are a few reasons I didn’t go that route:

    1: I want there to be a reward for being well fed, negative debilities would be a complicated thing to add.

    2: The “fantasy” of the class, is they struggle to keep their true form hidden, or choose to embrace it. That’s why it’s centered around CHA. And once they get very hungry, they start to get weak (CON).

    I could change the text to say “Mark the scarred and sick debilities”, but then I would have to complicate the text more by adding “And unmakr debilities” to the end of the “When you feed…” text.

    3: It would limit the GM’s asernal when punishing the character for missing on a roll, because they might already have 2 debilities 😛

    Interesting thought about Familiar form. Dont’ you think it will be too overpowered if it doesn’t require a roll? As for the permanent change idea: A big part of the character is that you have the option to keep your true form hidden. I don’t want to limit shapeshifting to players who have embraced their true form 🙂

  6. Look it up! It brings some old school OSR flair to Dungeon World. And it’s great for one shots.

    Yeah! I mostly resonated with the bit about playing a ghoul and you using the same “twisted” terminology. I could see a villager escaping The King Beneath the Castle only to become a Twisted

  7. Justin Ford My class is definitely “wide” and there are downsides to that, but there are already several vampire, werewolf, etc. custom (and compendium) classes out there – I wanted this to be focused more on the feeling of having been changed into something… else and how to deal with that. Do you stick to your old ways and keep your shadowy form hiddne, or do you give in and embrace the unholy!

    Feel free to change it to be more focused if you need 🙂

  8. The one that jumps out at me for a vampire (or any other immortal creature) would be something related to dredging up knowledge from a former life?

    Or possibly something to do with mesmerism. Imagine a vampire who could pluck memories or information by looking into your eyes, similar to the immolator’s move?

  9. Justin Ford Yeah, it’s hard to distinguish it form Spout Lore though.

    Plucking memories seems like more of a CHA roll, but maaaybe 🙂

    Oh and what if Familiar Form was this instead:

    “Gain the Druid move Shapeshifter, but only for one animal, chosen when you pick this move. Instead of rolling, you may move one space right on the Hunger track to activate Shapeshifter (2 Holds).”

    Maybe without the “you may” part?

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