Hi guys, I wanted to ask your help on some things that I can not understand how it works:

About the Mask Master written By Peter Johansen:

I) Can someone explain to me why he does not have a racial or similar move?

II) Can anyone explain to me how the Holds of the MIMIC move work? In particular how many people can be chosen at the same time and if the Holds vanish automatically after a certain period?

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  1. The Mask Master is a paradoxical sort of person. He can adopt so many different identities, but he has none of his own. Who he was doesn’t matter any more. It’s all about whatever mask he’s wearing at the moment. He can be anything… except himself.

    For your second question, when you Make Camp, you lose any remaining hold you have on Mimic and gain a fresh amount of hold, based upon who you are choosing to copy. Because of this, you can only Mimic one person at a time. The exception is if you use the Theater Games advancement, in which case you Mimic the person you are Aiding, without spending hold.

  2. Peter J

    Thank you so much for answering me (I like this class a lot); only a doubt about the first answer: is this ability not already implicit in what describes the masks (when it is said that every mask has its own identity)? I ask this because in practical terms this class starts with only 3 moves, one of which is usable for a few times (mimic)

  3. Peter J

    sorry, I try to explain myself better:

    The ability inherent in the background / race is usually something that allows a choice between alternatives by enhancing or improving one aspect over another; while in this case the ability seems to me to be already present in the description of the “Inscrutable” move

  4. Still not completely sure I follow you… But it gets back to the idea that you /have/ to be the mask. Switching masks allows you to switch identities (Inscrutable), but you’re still acting the role of the mask.

  5. Peter J

    That’s right, what I mean is that the move in the background comes into play already in the “Inscrutable” move; for example (I compare a core class) considering the “human” race of the thief “you are a professional” When you spout lore or discern realities about criminal activities, take +1. “

    It gives a clear advantage.

    While in this case I can not understand what positive effect the move presented in the background gives since it eventually coincides with not having an identity (which is similar to having various identities as indicated in “Inscrutable”)

  6. Peter J

    my question was to understand the operation well, thanks to you I think I succeeded.

    As you are the author, I wondered

    if I had even thought of an advanced move to enhance Mimic from the point of view of duration (for example for the purpose of a single type of copied move do not consume any hold)?

    Another thing I had thought about was to slightly change Mimic, allowing the character to copy moves not from a single person; but from all of his teammates, having as many holds as there are links with them [in total 5 uses then] (so as to avoid putting links with a single player in order to have the maximum number of possible holds), what do you think?

  7. If you want to be able to copy a move without spending hold, maybe take one of the playbook’s multiclass advances instead?

    As for changing Mimic, I think that would be a very powerful. Bond, in my experience, tend to evolve naturally. Trying to game them seldom works out.

  8. Peter J

    I understand you, unfortunately my player has put all the ties with just one other … I wanted to avoid this thing (it seems forced), for that I was looking for a way to make sure that the ability does not depend on the links with another player

  9. The tradeoff is that they’re now locked into that other character. It takes away some of the Mask Master’s adaptability. If he should ever want to Mimic another PC, he’s out of luck.

  10. Peter J

    Is also true what you say, maybe I see all the links on a single PG as a forcing and I would have liked a solution that did not imply.

    in any case, thank you again for having created such a beautiful class and patience in answering me 🙂

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