As promised, here’s the marketplace.

As promised, here’s the marketplace.

As promised, here’s the marketplace. I ended up putting our house ruled loads in parentheses after the RAW loads in case you want to use them. The changes aren’t terribly dramatic, I don’t think. So far it all seems to be working for us. The only other change is that I’ve added in Halfling Pipeleaf, since that was a fave from DW. Players can use it to add +1 to Negotiate or Keep Company by expending 2 uses. I think those are the only changes.

Note that there’s a blank page left in just so I could easily print it out in booklet form. Feel free to, y’know, do whatever you want with that.

3 thoughts on “As promised, here’s the marketplace.”

  1. Put your name & the last updated date on the blank page, like how publishers do in their books 😉

    If you put that near the top or bottom, and put an empty grid in the rest of the space, people can use the grid to add their own custom items.

  2. Tony Demetriou I like the custom items idea! Not sure how I feel about putting my name on something I didn’t actually write though–just re-compiled. Jason Lutes and Adam and Sage did all the heavy lifting here 😉

  3. Then put their names on it!

    And put yours as “re-compiled by” in case someone wants to contact you for error corrections, suggestions etc.

    No need to claim credit for something you didn’t do. But there’s also no need to hide what you (or they) did do.

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